Mums the word: pregnancy blog

Anyone who knows me will know I cannot be trusted with secrets, don’t get me wrong if someone tells me something first hand then I won’t tell a soul, but if I happen to hear something from someone else then please do not expect me to keep it to myself, the blame lays with the initial 1st person- see how I defend my huge mouth? Deciding with Mr. C to keep our happy news to ourselves until our first scan is probably one of the hardest things I have had to deal with during my pregnancy (so far..) Although I didn’t manage to keep it entirely secret, my best friend was the first to find out, mainly because she forces me into drinking copious amounts of alcohol so I knew I needed her on side! It was so exciting to tell her; it made her cold walk to the Curry House with me that little bit easier! I also told a couple of work colleagues, largely to explain my shirt buttons popping off. Hubby also let slip when his best man told him he was expecting, little did we know at the time that are due dates are a date apart!! I think I did pretty well, I don’t think anyone quite believed us when we told them, everyone was so shocked, not about the baby but about me ‘keeping mum’

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