So…. We are having a Baby Clarke

Finding out we were going to have a new addition to our little family didn’t come as a huge surprise to us, but seeing the positive result is still such an overwhelming feeling. I had a feeling that something in the month of January was a little bit different even before missing a period, about three quarters of the way through my cycle I was having slight cramping pains but didn’t put it down to anything in particular; it wasn’t until a work colleague pointed out that I was massaging my chest at my desk did it strike me that I was pretty sore, I hadn’t really taken any notice to how sore they had been. On my way home from work I nipped into the chemist and bought a pregnancy test (Yes! a week before I was due) the test was negative so I didn’t think anything of it.
A week later, a day before my due date, Mr C asked if I had taken a test, in his words “you have been more argumentative than usual and I have refrained from answering back” that was his clue that I was pregnant, I obviously had noticed no change in my attitude, and I am always right, right? I went to the chemist and bought 2 tests, the first test came up positive, I told Mr. C, who remained calm and told me to do another, unfortunately I can’t go to the toilet on demand. I had a cinema date with a friend to watch ‘Life of Pi,’ apparently the story will ‘make you believe in God’, it didn’t quite help with that but it did make me realise how uncomfortable it is to drink a large Coke, whilst watching a 3 hour film and not being able to run to the loo, and all the time wondering if I was pregnant. As soon as I was home, I did the other test, bringing it down for Mr. C to be the first to read, he has it in his head that he is funny, you will notice how unfunny he is throughout the blog, his first reaction was to congratulate me and tell me I would make a really good single Mum, reading my unimpressed reaction to his humour, he followed up with a kiss and cuddle and if I recall a few swear words. We both remained pretty calm by all accounts, neither of us wanted to get our hopes up too much, at least until we had a let it sink in.
So that’s the story of our positive test result, We are now just over half way, 21 weeks and 3 days to be exact, and it has already been an exciting/tiring ride. I love hearing everyone else’s stories, how did you find out? Does your husband also have difficultly judging when he can and can’t make crap jokes? 2013 is certainly the year of the Baby, I know so many people who have either had a baby this year or are expecting, it’s going to be one lovely maternity leave, until then I hope you enjoy the trials and tribulations of our pregnancy stories.

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