Growing rather the Glowing

I hadn’t intended on creating a blog so please excuse the quality of this pics and I promise they will get better. Unfortuanlty the weekly bump photos I have taken mostly involve nudity and trust me, no one needs to see that pre-pregnancy let alone in all its ‘blooming’ glory.






I’m not quite sure what happened in Week 12 from AM to PM but the bump sure did grow during those 12 hours, the night time shot was actually taken the evening before the morning one, so don’t panic too much if your bump double (triples) in size, apparently bloating and water retention are the main causes. I still think I was huge for 12 weeks- at this point the pregnancy was still under wraps so disguising the bump couldn’t really have continued for much longer!

I think weeks 18-20  I finally got past the ‘maybe she’s just put weight on’ stage. Bump is well and truly growing, a lot of my friends weren’t showing at this stage but I heart my Bump, it feels so real and it certainly came in handy on our Babymoon in beating the usual rush off the plane, a little belly rub and a stretch of the back soon got me to the front of the plane (what? There has to be some benefits, right? 🙂 

I’m 22 weeks pregnant tomorrow and starting to feel the strain so I will stat weekly updates and pictures.
How’s is your bump developing? Did you notice a dramatic change during morning and night?

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2 thoughts on “Growing rather the Glowing

  1. I heart your bump too!! Mine started showing really quickly and seemed to rapidly grow.. but this week its come to a standstill I think as I haven't noticed it it grow at all! (Maybe I have eaten less pies)x

  2. I'm so glad you have a little bump too… Don't worry it will soon catch up. I really thought I would be one of those people to have a tiny bump but no I'm the opposite, however I just think, no matter how fast you grow everyone stills ends up the same- Massive! 🙂

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