20 week Scan

Pink or Blue

Since finding out we were expecting we decided we weren’t going to find out what we were having, but as the date became nearer and nearer we both started to change our minds. Mr.C had a feeling that we were having a boy, actually it was more than a feeling, he was adamant it was a boy. I had a feeling too, not as strong as his but when I was picking unisex clothes I always had it in my head that they were too girly, never were they too boyish. I left the decision down to him (they need this sometimesJ) He was so sure that we were having a boy I was really happy when he said he wanted to find out an hour before the scan, if we were having a girl, he would have a few months to get his head around it.
The 20 weeks scan is more worrying than the 12 weeks scan, they take all kind of measurements, if they do it more than once you think there is something wrong, you don’t think of the more logical reasons. Our Sonographer at Basingstoke Hospital was lovely, every time she took a measurement she told us what she doing and letting us know all looked well. She even showed us the front of babies face although she did warn it would look rather ghostly, it did!
She left the sex of the baby till last, and told us it was fairly obvious we are having a BOY!! We are both other the moon to be having a little boy. I always thought I would want a girl but when it came down to it, I had a slight preference for a boy, My family is full of girls, our poor little boy will be dressed in fairy wings before he can kick a football.
I am really glad we found out now and it is of course a personal preference. Finding out the sex has certainly made the whole thing feel more real. IT has become a HE! And if he is anything like his Daddy we are going to have both hands (and legs) full
Did you find out what you were having? Are you going to find out? Have you been swayed by what other people want you to do?


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