I’m a FitMama

Photo courtesy of thefitmamastudio.com

A friend of mine introduced me to FitMama and I love it!!! FitMama was founded by Maria Behenna, she is well known for her pre and post natal exercise and educational classes, and by personal experience she is lovely, very welcoming and very very informative. Her FitMama Partner is Lola Turvey, all my pregnancy classes have been with Maria but I am told Lola too is amazing and very inspiring. 
The class is held in Basepoint Basingstoke, a studio that’s just the right size for the class, not too spacious but not too crowded either. Class starts with an introduction from every lady, how far gone they are and any news, either problems they have had or scan updates etc. Maria is always full of really helpful advice for anyone suffering with the ailments of pregnancy (my Dioralyte saviour in fact.) I have met ladies that have just had the dating scan up to those who are days overdue!! I’m hoping I keep the energy to keep up regular visits once I’m waddling round (even more so than now)  
The class ends with a 5 minute relaxation session, the lights are dimmed and calming music played, during which Maria tells us what strong women we are (let’s see if she is right in 17 weeks time) 
The class is not only great for feeling better about yourself but also for socialising with other pregnant ladies. I am very much looking forward to Post-Natal exercise with the FitMamas and unlike any other exercise class Baby C can come along too!
How are you staying fit during your pregnancy??


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