Week 23

Not sure how much more I can keep growing

Weight Gain: 2lb.
Symptoms: Killer rib ache whenever I’m sitting down, unfortunately this is most of the day! It’s only on my left side though, not sure why that is, but I think the pain is just everything being shoved upwards to make room for Baby C. I have discovered a little trick for instant relief; I just lift my left arm up and hang it over the back of the chair, just to stretch and open everything up. I look pretty odd in the office but it helps, so tough!
Stretch marks: Had a little scare this week and nearly cried in front of the mirror until I realised that what I thought were stretch marks were actually just creases from where I had been laying.. overreaction much? It’s fair to say that I lathered on the Bio-oil that night.
Movement: Lots and Hard, I can even see the kicks from outside now. Finally Daddy Clarke got to feel a real kick, it shocked him how hard it was and he kept asking if it was normal! I’m glad he now knows what I am going through as a human punch bag for Baby C. Weirdly I can also see my tummy beating, I know it’s my heart beat obviously but it’s amazing to see how hard our pregnant bodies are working, does anyone else have this?
Maternity wear: New work trousers, a maternity bra/Sling and a maternity dress. I have also caved and ordered some new work tops, I was planning on living in baggy non maternity shirts but my new work trousers are nice and loose so I need tighter tops and my non-maternity ones keep allowing my belly to poke out (not a good look) I’ll let you know how I get on
Belly Button: In
Wedding Ring: On
Best moment: Mr. C feeling his little boy kicking about
Worst moment: Thinking I had gained stretch marks.. Phew! I really need to learn to accept this, or just research laser removal more??
Looking forward to: Decorating the nursery, I have bribed Mr.C with his last lad’s holiday as long as the house is fully ready before he goes! Needless to say that day the room was cleared and the wallpaper stripped. I have chosen to go with a Farrow and Ball colour, called Borrowed light. I’ll update our progress with photos soon.

5 thoughts on “Week 23

  1. Lucie you will sprout a bump overnight, I've had mine since day one :-)Thanks for reading Laura, I love doing them, I love that in years to come they will all still be here for our children to see everything we went through xxx

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