Pug Hugs

Thanks for the wake up call


It was only so long I could go without dedicating a post to our current little baby Tilly the Pug. I know all dogs behave differently around pregnant women, so I thought I would let you know about my experience with Tilly.

Tilly is a 1 and half year old pug who drives us mad, but you cannot help but love her. I don’t think visitors to the house believe me but when it is just us three home she is the most chilled lazy dog ever, as long as she is sat with one us, trying to get her to even sit in her own bed is impossible. If anyone else comes into the house she goes crazy and turns into the most hyper dog ever, when I come home from work she doesn’t even flutter an eyelid!!! I honestly believe if Pugs weren’t so cute they would be extinct, we like to tell her this too.

Since I have been pregnant I cannot move without my little shadow, she honestly follows me everywhere I go, if I’m having a bath, she is there. If I am in the kitchen cooking, she is under my feet. If I am in the garden, she is there next to me, even though she refuses to go and play in the garden by herself. I am sitting on one seat of a three seater sofa and she can have the rest of it, but no she is there right next to me, any attempted move lasts about 3 seconds before she makes her way back. Annoying as this is, she has loved the bump, she uses it as her little pillow, if I am having a ‘belly out’ moment she tries to lick the bump, I have to fight her off! If Mr.C is touching the bump she is right there watching him.

Although she has been great in pregnancy, there are worries about when Baby C arrives so we are putting in some new measures to deal with these. She used to sleep in our bed, before we ended up replacing 2 matresses in 3 months, oops! So she has slept down stairs for the past 7 months or so, she was also relegated to hallway and kitchen when we are out as she decided our brand new carpet looked like a tasty thing to chew. Sure, why wouldn’t she? Her worst habit is barking at the T.V, anything that looks remotely like an animal, bug or cartoon character, she is off the sofa and barking and growling at the T.V, it drives me mad, she hated the water spray to begin with but now she loves it, so we scratched that idea, the only thing she doesn’t like is having no attention so we have resorted to putting her in the kitchen on her own as soon as she even growls, she is slowly learning that this happens every time she barks.

We are really excited to see Tilly’s behaviour around a baby, obvioulsly she will never be left in the room alone with him, we have a unit with everything I will need for the daily changes downstairs, to save me separating her every time I need to run upstairs. She is great with all my nieces, if a little hyper but they are older and run around after her. I’m not quite sure how she is going to take to attempted rides by Baby C when he is bit older.

Poor Minnie Tilly being terrorised by the twins

Princess Tilly trying to escape

How did your pets react to your pregnancy? Have they made best of friends with your babies?


3 thoughts on “Pug Hugs

  1. Your Tilly sounds exactly like our pug Teddy! He is quite content when it's just us in the house, then goes mad when visitors come, he makes us look like such liars, haha! And he is constantly barking at animals on the TV, the most annoying part is they don't even have to be real animals, he barks at the clay seagull on the new Admiral advert! He has taken no interest in my bump whatsoever, but loves to lick the moisturiser from my legs, which is completely gross. Like you say, it's a good job they're so cute!x

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