My Maternity Wardrobe

Beautysets - Eight things you need at work
1. New Look Maternity Reversible Jeans- These are great under the bump jeans. They aren’t tough denim so really comfortable, plus they are reversible, blue one side and black the other. Perfect. I purchased these from Asos for £24.99, which I think is totally reasonable for a pair of maternity jeans. 

2. MotherCare Maternity Bra- Increasing boob size really calls for a good maternity bra, be prepared when you go on your first Maternity underwear shop, the size you thought looked massive will be either too small or fit perfectly.. Great only another 15 weeks of growing to get through, maybe it will make more sense just to buy a sling to hold them up?? But for now this bra is ultra comfy and costs £14 (Buy one get one half price at the moment – sweet) 

3. Asos Peg Leg Trousers- My office saviour, I had previously been wearing some H&M over the bump trousers but they were tight fitting so not the most appropriate for sitting down in the office all day. These Asos trousers are great, they look fab with heels or flats and are the perfect length. If you are struggling to find nice trousers then give these a try and all for the bargain price of £22

4. Asos Maternity Dogtooth t-shirt- I love this t-shirt, on trend and fits great. I have worn with both leggings and jeans. I think I would also wear this in the office with a blazer over the top. £16

5. Asos Maternity Maxi dress- I really like the fit of this t-shirt maxi, unlike my non-maternity maxi dresses this one really defines your shape, so you don’t just look like your wearing a tent. I purchased this in red and will be wearing it with sandals or converse (once my ankles have de-swelled) £17.50

6. Asos Maternity Swing dress- O.K so this maybe a little ‘where’s Wally’ but there would be no problem finding me in a crowd, just look for the extra round person. It probably isn’t the most flattering dress but I think as I get larger I will grow into the shape, although that’s not to say I wouldn’t wear it now, it still looks good and it’s nice to wear something a bit flowy during this mini heat wave. £25

As you can see most of maternity shopping has been done on-line at Asos, not that there is any other option but to shop on-line for Maternity clothes, we all know once you are pregnant you never want to go into town and actually try things on, everything looks great on you when you are carrying that extra stone in weight, WRONG.. Shops really need to start catering for pregnant women. The only shop in my town that stocks maternity wear is H&M, it’s a joke. Luckily for now Asos has provided me with some great buys…..

Where have you done your maternity shopping? Have you got a favourite purchase? 

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