25 Weeks

Weight Gain: I have given up, it’s just depressing. It WILL all be coming off, so what’s the point!! I think my bump is slowing down though. I might start a measurements next week!
Symptoms: Last week was hideous, the hot weather and broken AC at work really did not do me any favours. My Legs and feet swelled up to the size of elephant legs. I actually had a muffin top over my low rise converse! Cankles do not even come close to what was going on. My Calves were also swollen; they felt just like water balloons. Luckily walking about over the weekend and the drop in temps have taken it all pretty much back to normal (Just big, not swollen J) Cramps are fair and few between *thank god* Rib/Diaphragm pain is still there but I’m starting to think this is due to my posture at work.
Stretch marks: None yet! Bio oil is still applied every morning and night. I am hoping a big bump now means no huge growth spurt that might trigger them, wishful thinking. Oh and I have started to get ‘the tummy line’ my sister reckons if you get this stretch marks are less likely- lets see!
Movement: Lots and Lots, all day. Mr. C has felt lots of movements over the last couple of weeks, I am seeing my belly move at the same time now too… I know some people find it weird but I love it.  
Belly button: In and out – very strange 
Cravings: Not so much cravings, when I get something in my head, I must have it. It passes.  
Wedding ring: Still on
Best moments: Daddy Clarke feeling his little boy kicking about. 25 week GP appointment, Baby C is measuring right on track, phew! Big bump is just a lot of water at the moment. 


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