14 weeks to go… 14 things to do

So with 14 weeks to go (hopefully a little less, I have a feeling Baby C could be fully baked by weeks 38) Mr C and I have decided to freak ourselves out and write a ‘to do list.’ I actually think we are doing pretty well, although we are fairly confident the list may grow and grow (in Mr C’s words “I’m sure you will think of more stuff I need to do”- ahhh he knows me too well) 

1. Paint nursery– Mr C has just re-plastered the walls (Isn’t he handy) so this week is painting time, we have chosen Farrow and Ball ‘ Borrowed light’ I love Farrow and Ball’s period colours so I am sure it will look great.

2. Get Carpet fitted– we have lived with the previous owners carpet for the last 2.5 years, so it definitely needs renewing. 

3. Chose curtains and a blind (if my persuasion techniques to get shutters doesn’t) The Little Bird by Jools range doesn’t have curtains, not a problem though there are so many colours and different prints in the bedding, it won’t be a problem to find curtains

4. Arrange furniture delivery- we have chosen the MotherCare Taunton Range. I love the little shelves at the side of the wardrobe and the tops of drawers. 
5. Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize- My favourite part of decorating any room. I have some great ideas to make the nursery really special and personalised for Baby C. 

6. Choose and buy a monitor-Still deciding between sound and movement, video or just a regular sound monitor.

7. Choose and buy a mattress– I don’t really like the thought of foam so I think we will be going for Springs.

8. Moses basket stand– I want a nice white rocking stand 

9. Sell my Mini and Buy a new car. My poor little Cream mini, I am so sad to have to sell it, but it’s already becoming difficult to get in and out. We haven’t quite decided on the family car but we are liking the BMW 1 Series we just need to go and test a few.

10. Mr.C’s biggest job– Fit a new boiler. Anyone that comes into our house has a little shock after flushing the toilet, our water pump is so loud and goes off anytime there is any water (hot or cold) being pumped, plus we have an old tank and as I won’t give up any of my wardrobe space we need to get rid of this for storage space.. Eurgh I’m dreading the mess.. I think I’ll stay at a certain friends new house as guest of honour for the weekend. 

11. Birthing playlist– I am sure that this will be the last thing I will want to do when in agony but you never know it might help???

12. Antenatal class and hospital tour– we are booked in the NHS one for the 10th August. 6 hours!!! I will be taking a picnic hamper. 

13. Wash and iron all of Baby C’s new clothes– I love the smell of fresh washing so this is a must

14. Buy and pack things for hospital bag
There you have it. That’s all I can think of for now. I do want a new bathroom but I guess that’s going to have to wait. 

Have I forgotten anything blindingly obvious- apart from the whole actually having a baby part???


One thought on “14 weeks to go… 14 things to do

  1. Aww so exciting when it gets so close!I had "buy a monitor" on my list but to be honest, he's 12 weeks old and we still don't have one! We're following the guidelines on keeping him in our room for the first 6 months, so a baby monitor isn't necessarily needed right away!! Tyne has all his naps downstairs so I'm not going to bother getting one until he moves into his own room :DHayleySparkles & Stretchmarksxxx

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