27 weeks

Weight Gain: No Idea, Luckily I don’t seem to be gaining too much anywhere else apart from the bump, although I am sure it won’t be too long before I develop a second chin. I did measure bump circumference though. I tried to measure at the largest point …. drum roll….. My waist is coming in at 41 inches.. I’m curious to see how often I gain an inch.

Symptoms: I have had a lovely couple of weeks; sleep has been good, (so much so I wake up dribbling with Mr C telling me I really don’t look attractive when I am sleeping at the moment…. I am so sorry hubby, you poor thing having to deal with it) I have finally found comfortable positions and the cramps have managed to stay away or at least I have learned to stop them

Stretch marks: Nope… touch wood, fingers crossed, toes crossed… etc etc.

Movement: Baby C has changed his pattern a little bit and tends to be quiet when I am in bed which is great, however he seems to wake up after I’ve eaten so a couple of people have mentioned they can see him kicking through my clothes! My friends all got to see the bump moving this weekend. The feeling never gets old, makes me smile every time.

Belly button: In and out

Cravings: Not so much cravings, but I love can of coke. Not great I know but I have decaff tea and no sugar so a can of coke a couple of times a week won’t hurt. Oh and Milka chocolate bars seem to be on offer everywhere at the moment, the milk chocolate with the white chocolate amaze!!!  I could easily devour a whole big bar, but I am restrained and hand it over to Mr.C knowing I will never get a second look in.

Wedding ring: Still on, my fingers haven’t swelled at all *yet* I purposely got my wedding ring a bit tight so it would fit under my loose engagement ring, so I thought I would soon be taking it off but luckily it still fits like always
Best moments: Lots of nice compliments this week. Maybe it’s the maternity wear or maybe I’m ‘glowing’ or maybe it’s the Garnier tinted moisturiser, either way I don’t care what it is, it’s just nice to hear. Even Mr ‘put his foot in it C’ said I look lovely and my bump looked really cute!! I know. Shock. Talking my Niece into a nice foot massage that would help her baby cousin sleep and being told by my other nieces that they think the baby is in my boobies!!

Looking forward to: A week off work, I worked out my remaining holiday and what holiday I would accrue whilst away and it worked out I can afford to take a week off, it’s not till the last week of July but it splits my remaining time at work so when I return I only have August left to work.. eeek… This week also marks the last in my 2nd Trimester!! The final 12 weeks will soon be upon us.

4 thoughts on “27 weeks

  1. You look lovely!I was hoping I would skip the stretch marks as I didn't get any with my first daughter and now I'm at the 34 week mark they seem to be creeping up on me *sad face* they are not too bad and I've been using really good creams every day and night but there's nothing you can do to prevent them :(I've been having cravings for Galaxy Caramel, the large bars!! So every Saturday night that is my treat – along with popping a couple of Gaviscon after!!http://emilymummyoftwo.blogspot.co.uk/

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