My Second Trimester Essentials

Beautysets - A swipe of nude
  1. Garnier Summer Body – Très bon tinted moisteriser. This makes me feel so much better about my changing body, I don’t know why but as soon as I have a bit of colour on my skin it really makes me feel more confident. It doesn’t smell as bad as other fake tans, it could do with some tweaking on that but it doesn’t have that yukky biscuit smell. It looks really natural too and is easy to apply, developing overnight, I don’t really need to apply more than twice for a lasting glow. A lot of friends have asked why I am so brown so it must be good! I will certainly be re-purchasing this.
  2. Large water bottle– I am really trying to increase my water intake so I carry this bottle everywhere, I drink a lot more from a bottle than I would a glass. Luckily at work we have a water cooler so I try to refill this at least twice during my working day. It really helps with cramp, water retention (weirdly enough) and also keeps my skin hydrated to stave off those pesky stretchmarks!
  3. Lavender Wheat Bag– Ahhhhhh I love this, it does smell a bit porridgy but it really works and is much safer than a hot water. You just pop it into the microwave for a minute and a half and hey presto, it’s lovely and warm, I use it on both my rib pain and my back, which has been giving me a bit of gip in the last couple of days. I really really need to take a walk around my office every hour to loosen things up.
  4. Dioralyte– Foul tasting but works a treat. Primarily used following bouts of ‘the runs’ to replenish all the lost hydration  and electrolytes from your body. A major source of cramp is dehydration, so one of these before bed has really helped the dreaded night time cramps stay away. If you really can’t stomach the taste then a lucozade would be a good replacement as these are full of electrolytes, however they are also full of sugar, I have only used one when the shop was out of Dioralyte. Little tip though- make sure you measure the correct amount of water, too little and these are gross and too much they are gross, the right amount.. yes, they are also gross just not as much.
  5. Birthing ball– Great for exercise, I use the FitMama Method book for ideas, but also great to sit on and give your coccyx a little relief if it’s causing pain. Ideally I will take this into the labour room with me, can you imagine the amount of gunk that’s been on the ones in the ward.. I am pretty sure that will be the least of my worries when I get there.

4 thoughts on “My Second Trimester Essentials

  1. I am currently 34 weeks pregnant and have been using my birthing ball for a couple of months now, they are great! I also sit on it whilst watching TV too :)I have to carry my bottle of water with me everywhere! I cannot live without it!xx (I have changed my blog name, used to be emily's mummy/beauty blog)

  2. Hi Emily. Thanks for reading, I read your blog regulary, it's fab. I love my ball, not only is it good for a seat and exercise but as a foot rest too! Helps keep my legs above the heart ! Not so fun when your being silly and try balancing on it! Pregnant women really can't balance !! Lol Xx

  3. I loved my birthing ball, when my back was really hurting at the end of my second pregnancy I would just sit on it and bounce for hours and it really helped. I also sat on it for most of my labour and being upright really makes a difference pain wise, if I can offer you any advice during labour it would be to not lie down on your back if you can help it, I could tolerate my contractions no problem whilst sitting on the birthing ball but as soon as the midwife asked me to lie on the bed so that she could examine me the pain was 10 times worse!Emma xxxxHandbags To Change Bags – Mummy & Lifestyle Blog

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