Baby C wish list

So Baby C’s wardrobe is already taking over mine, Mr.C is steadily decorating the nursery but as a perfectionist builder he has wanted to plaster all the walls and now sand all of it down. I can’t moan though, he can pretty much turn his hand to anything (annoyingly) So whilst that is going on Baby C has no furniture so I have had to make room for him. Luckily most of my ‘normal’ clothes are vacuum packed in the loft. I have gone totes overboard on new born and 0-3 clothes, mostly all in ones, so now I am starting to collect his next set of outfits from 3-6 and 6-9 months, it’s so exciting, I think this is when you can really have more fun dressing babies.

These Whale and Boat Pj’s from the Little White Company are just too cute. I love babies in Pj’s rather than just baby grows, Baby C already has a pair of the rainbow set by Jools Oliver for Mothercare, but these are just so lovely and I know that they will feel so soft and will be excellent quality from the White Company. To make it even better they are on sale.. Find it here
Mr.C is a VW fanatic, he came to our wedding in a lovely old baby blue Campervan (embarrassingly he does some silly VW sign to drivers of camper vans!!!) He loves this jumper as much as me so I think it will definitely be getting its usage. Again this is in the sale- Bargain. ..  Find it here
OK.OK. I am a little obsessed with the Little White company, both the blanket and bunny are from there too, but they are just gorge. We haven’t bought Baby any cuddly toys yet, Mr.C is adamant he wants to get a duplicate made of his favourite knitted toy from when he was a baby but this rabbit is so soft it makes me want to sleep with it!
The blanket looks fab too, Baby C will be an autumn baby so the more blankets the better.
 Find it here   
I am in love with baby moccasins and I really want a pair for Baby C, these are a big wish though, I have only found one company that ships these Minnetonka Moccasins to the UK and that is Saks Fifth Avenue, they are quite reasonably priced at £13.50 but delivery to the UK is £15. These are the original moccasins though so I still think that’s not a bad price, its equivalent to a pair of Baby Van or Converse. I wouldn’t get this in new born though, as I am pretty sure they would just be kicked off and then grown out of too quickly, probably 6-9 months and hopefully he would be able to wear them a little longer. Find them here
We have the Cowboy Cath Kidston Changing bag, so this blanket would be perfect for our little strolls into the town on an autumn morning. Find it here
I have heard great reviews on this Sophie a la Giraffe teether, it is a little pricey for what it is and I will have to safe guard it from Tilly the Pug but if it helps to sooth a teething babies cries then I am all for it. Find it here

And of course, not forgetting Mummy, I went into Jo Malone with Mr C on a recent shopping trip and feel in love with the scent, I have the tester strip at work and it smells divine. I just wish they did it in a smaller bottle, as the large bottle is £100, it’s a bit of stretch at the moment with all the upcoming baby purchases so I think this might have to wait until I can buy myself a post-labour well done present. *Hint Hint Mr.C*


One thought on “Baby C wish list

  1. I so want a Sophie the Giraffe – they're just so classic!I love those PJs too! You're doing what I did – buying all the sizes in now and stocking up!!! :)I LOVED doing it. Word of warning though – kind of backfired on me slightly as I had worked out all the right seasons for his age and bought the right sizes – but I didn't count on him being a particularly small baby!!! He is 3 and a half months old and has only JUST grown into his 0-3 months clothes in the last few days! So I'm kind of out with the seasons! I'm hoping he has a growth spurt before Autumn so he fits into his 3-6 months clothes!!! HayleySparkles & Stretchmarksxxx

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