Choosing a name

We are nearly at week 29 and are yet to decide on a name for Baby C. We do have a list of about 6-7 favourites but none of them really jump out at as us as being ‘the one’ we do have a top one out of the list however we really want to decide on his name once we have met him, I am confident that as soon as we give the little bundle a name we will instantly love it. Mr. C is known to most of his friends by our surname, so I am sure little man will be the same anyway.

Should you tell people your name choices?
This is all down to personal preference, I think if you are quite strong minded and can stick to your guns then that’s great, however if like me you are easily swayed then it might be best to keep your list to yourselves, some people can be overly honest about what they think of the name which can really ruin a name that you love (or thought you loved, until someone tells you it’s slang for vomit??, or they know a naughty child with the same name) I do not advise asking opinions on Mumsnet unless you want a barrage of criticism from people you don’t know!  I am always very neutral about others name choices if I don’t like them, a pregnant friend told me two names she liked over a text message so I couldn’t read her expression, they weren’t particularly offensive names but not what I thought she would have chosen based on her other children’s names, I told her which one I preferred, to which she replied she was joking… but at least I was then able to say I was being nice rather than saying they aren’t great choices only for her to name her child one of them in 5 months time!
We have a couple of names on our list where we love the shortened version but not the full name, or we love the full name but not the nickname, or in one case there are two nicknames, one of which we love and the other we don’t, I think that if you stick to using the one you like it’s unlikely people will use the other and hopefully Baby C will take after his father rather than me and correct people who might use another version.
Our List
Our surname is fairly common so we are looking for a name that probably isn’t in the top ten, I do love these names, they are very cute and you are unlikely to get any one asking where it comes from etc.   – unfortunately most of them we like are taken by friends children. Damn them getting in first!
We do have a common theme running through our list, we really like old man type names but who knows, when he arrives he might not look anything like any of our choices and Baby C will have to stick until we find something that suits him.

Obviously we really want our child to be able to play with Katie Hopkins children too so that will be a major consideration for us- Yeah right!!!

How did you decide your little ones name? 


3 thoughts on “Choosing a name

  1. Hi Ladies,Names are so so hard, I just keep putting people off telling them our names as I don't want to be put off. I just think it will be cringe worthy, if you end up naming the baby something you knew someone hated!!! xxx

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