Pregnancy Pains- Pelvic Girdle Pain

I am now 30 weeks pregnant and boy, don’t I know it!! I haven’t really had much to complain about during my whole pregnancy, I didn’t suffer from terrible morning sickness, tiredness, difficulty sleeping or the need to get up and pee 5 times a night (not yet anyway.) This past week has really taken its toll on me and I am definitely feeling pregnant now. Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t exactly swan through the first 30 weeks, I have suffered from acid reflux, rib pain, leg cramps and oedema, however these haven’t really bothered me too much and I have been able to deal with them without speaking to any health professionals. 

Well I seem to be making up for this now.. the last week or two I have really been suffering from bad pelvic pains, especially when I am in the office and go from sitting to standing, where the joints are still for so long. I went to the doctors yesterday and she was great, she has suggested I have slight Pelvic Girdle Pain (PGP) where I sit down all day at work my posture is not helping my back which in turn will affect my pelvis. She asked me to describe where the pain was, the only way I can describe it is to say it is right on my bikini line (right in the V- if that makes sense?) 


I have looked up on-line what I can do to help the pain, I am one of those people who feel like I need to feel pain for something to feel better, for example when I have had terrible cramps and my calves are sore the next day, I get Mr. C to push a rolling pin up and down them, it hurts so bad, but I feel like it is what is needed to relax the muscles. In the case of my pelvic pain, I feel like I need someone to push on my knees whilst I am laying down with my legs open, or go and swim 20 lengths of backstroke, however looking at on-line advice, this is the worst thing I can do, if I feel pain the advice is not to push through it! Last night I tried getting on all fours and lifting each of my legs back, this hurt so bad so I stopped, I physically couldn’t do it! So for now, every evening I will be sat on the birthing ball or all on fours doing pelvic tilts. I came across this website, there are some really useful exercises that should help  

I hate feeling so useless, I hate having to ‘rest and take it easy’ I have always been independent, if I want something done I would rather just do it myself, it is so frustrating not being able to do things easily, even turning over in bed is painful! 

I know it will all be worth it in ten weeks time, and it’s still very little compared to what some mums to be go through. I have a week off work next week so I am really looking forward to moving about a bit more and being away from a desk! 

What did you suffer from during pregnancy? Do you have any tips for me

6 thoughts on “Pregnancy Pains- Pelvic Girdle Pain

  1. I've been getting mild pelvic pain too 😦 My midwife suggested that I should be careful when getting up from lying or sitting down. At my 28 appt, she saw when I was lying down on the cot that I sat straight up then hopped off, when I should instead roll on my side then bring each leg down one at a time. I also can't do that exercise of lifting each leg one at a time – or balancing on one leg when getting dressed. Using a stability ball instead of a chair when I'm at my desk and just moving around carefully have helped alleviate the pain, and it's actually decreased over the past couple of weeks. I hope you feel better and do hang in there – not long to go!

  2. Hi there. Thanks for your comment. I have booked in for some muscle therapy next week so really hoping that helps! Ill let you know how it goes!! Just had a read of your blog, funnily enough I have just started the shadow of the wind, I can tell I'm going to love it xxx

  3. I've had PGP since 10 weeks pregnant. It was so bad I couldn't get out of bed on my own! It calmed down but then as the weeks progressed and the baby got bigger, it got much worse. I have to see a physio every month which doesn't really help. I've had a couple of days off work because of it. The worst pain for me is the shooting pain on the pubic bone that shoots to the back of my bottom. It really is so painful! I got it last night and I instantly took some painkillers, got my ice pack out the freezer and iced my groin. It's instant relief. You could go swimming and put a float in-between your knees and only use your arms. I suffer for days if I go swimming. The best thing you can do is ice the area whenever you have pain. Also think about labour and how far your legs can open. I read today that if you want an epidural you should measure a piece of string and take that with you when you go into labour and make sure the midwives know that is how far you can open your legs. Also, when you get out of bed, keep your legs together, pull in your stomach muscles and swing your legs over the side of the bed to get out. I have many tips!It's not nice. I just hope it goes like they say when I give birth. Also, make sure on your notes it says PGP in big letters so that they know when you do go into labour. Mine will say DO NOT GIVE BIRTH ON MY BACK! 🙂

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