What are little boys made of??


Eekk only 10 weeks and we should have another new addition to our ever growing families. The family on my side is full of girls, we actually haven’t had a boy born in 20 years, I am the eldest of four girls, I have three nieces on my side (aged 4, and 2) and on Mr.C’s side we have a niece (aged 11) and the newest addition of a nephew (aged 11 months,) As you can see until very recently I have never been around baby boys!! It does seem that 2013 is the year of the Boy.  Two of my closest friends have just had baby boys (they totally helped me see how lovely and scrummy baby boys are) and Lucie @lucieandthebump is also due to have a baby boy not too long after me!! We do another close friend due later this year and she has turned the tables by having a little girl!
So out of 7 preggo ladies 6 have had or are having boys! Crazy… (It must have been a cold & boring winter for so many friends to be having babies!)
I always thought I would want a little girl so I was suprised how happy I was when we were told we are having a boy!! I am totally in love with him already and can just imagine how gorgeous and cheeky he is going to be (if he takes after Mr.C) !!!
So what have us mummies to little boys got to look forward to…
1. Being Peed on: seems inevitable, I have already had this pleasure as my friends little boy decided to spring a leak all over me this weekend
2. Boy clothes shopping: Not as much variety as girls but just as cute!!
3.Sports- eurgh. Mr C and I are not sports fans in the slightest, he doesn’t play football or watch in, in fact he hates it (yeyy for me not having to watch sky sports) He recently bought some golf clubs that haven’t left the garage. I really think kids should play sports so once Baby C is old enough we shall see what he wants to do, Maybe we will have the next Andy Murray on our hands!
4. Boys toys- I have no idea what little boys like. I could name 100 things my nieces love but I have no idea what little boys like to play with, I am guessing I will have a lot of toys with four wheels!
5. If the saying is correct then us mummies have a little boy to always look after us, I think Mr.C has it in his head that Baby C will be on his team against me and Tilly the Pug, I’m not quite sure he has heard the phrase ‘Mummys boy’
What differences have you noticed between boys and girls? What do you think is the easier sex to raise?



2 thoughts on “What are little boys made of??

  1. I absolutly love having a boy, he's so cheeky yet so loving! He likes football and climbing and anything animal related at the moment. I used to envy girls clothes but I've recently been loving shopping for him. One of each would be nice though ;)Walkingtalkingpollypocket.blogspot.com

  2. Great post! I was very similar to you with re: being the first to have a boy!I worried that I'd struggle shopping for a boy but I think theres loads of choice nowadays. My partner & I also hate sports, so I'm kind of hoping that Tyne isn't a fan either! I thought the peeing would be worse than it is – and actually I've had friends with girls complain about that more than I experience it lol.HayleySparkles & Stretchmarks xxx

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