31 week update

I can not believe we are down to single digits .. 9 weeks to go!!! Maybe 7 maybe 11, hopefully not 11 as Baby C will be getting induced on my birthday, funnily enough Baby C has the same due date as my mum had with me (fingers crossed he is less lazy and comes on time)

It’s been a tough couple of weeks but I am hoping it will be a smooth ride from now. I also plucked up the courage to get my whooping cough vaccination, I hate to admit it but I was bricking it, I don’t know why, I wouldn’t say I have a phobia of needles but I can honestly say I didn’t even feel it, not even a pinch or a prick, however 10 minutes after my arm was so sore, like a dead arm, it lasted for a day or two, but all worth it!

Weight Gain: I plucked up the courage to take to the scales this week, total weight gain so far is … drum roll…. 2 stone… OMFG! To be honest I don’t care, if I keep it down to a 1lb a week now, then I should be just over 2.5 stone. I think this is quite average? Even though my bump is getting heavier, it’s not actually growing and still measuring in at 42 inches (same as week 29)

Symptoms: SPD or PGP as they call it now, I have found a couple of tips that have helped me deal with this and I had some Muscle activation therapy today- I will do a separate post on this later as I think it could be really helpful for other sufferers. Oh and what I thought was dribble from sleeping with my mouth open isn’t dribble, it’s leaking breasts (Lovely) Only at night time at the moment!!!
Stretch marks: Booo.. The two tiny marks have turned into stretch marks however they aren’t that bad and are almost on my back so it’s not the end of the world (yet) Same on the other side too, again on my back rather than tummy so oh well.. I’ll start looking for nice swimsuits for next year! 
Movement: Loads, today he hasn’t stopped, maybe something to do with the therapy I had earlier today.  
Belly button: Pretty much out, but still soft so it doesn’t show through my tops.
Cravings: None really.. disappointing  
Wedding ring: Still on, surprisingly

Labour Symptoms: I have added this now. I haven’t had any however I have been having braxton hicks, they aren’t painful in the slightest my tummy just gets very hard for about 30 seconds and the relaxes.
Best moments: The nursery is painted ! We are just waiting for the carpets then we can start all the good stuff.

Worst moment: I don’t usually put this on here as all is usually well. I did make a huge error and bought a new armchair on impulse, well it gets delivered and it makes the rest of my living room look like it’s from the Borrowers!! It’s like an armchair for a giant, needless to say, Mr.C was not impressed and me blaming pregnancy hormones didn’t help much, he has calmed down (slightly) Its still sat in the living room but it will be going soon!! Luckily we still have our old one (when I say old, I mean 6 months old, now you understand why he wasn’t best pleased, “this is the third armchair in 3 years Sarah!!!!” Ooops)

Looking forward to: Refurbishing a gorgeous 1920’s highchair that my lovely Father in Law bought for us, he knows my tastes too well! It matches my dining room perfectly and it gives Mr.C something to fix up! I’ll post some before and after pics.


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