Help for SPD

If you read my post a week or so ago you will know I have started to suffer from SPD/PGP, I feel so angry with my body for letting me down, I know it can’t be helped but I like to get on and do things for myself, I haven’t really stopped doing anything (despite telling off’s from people!) 

This SPD however has slowed me down a lot, however this week I have had a couple of treatments that have really helped so I wanted to share these with you incase you too are suffering from this dreaded ailment. 

On Monday Morning I visited Marie- she is pregnancy FitMama instructor, you can read all about my classes here: I’m a FitMama. Marie contacted me after reading my blog and suggested coming in for some muscle activation therapy, she too suffered from SPD so she knew just what I was going through. There was me thinking I was going to have a lovely firm massage, I was wrong, it was pretty painful (worse than Labour according to Marie, I think she was trying to make me feel better.)

 I stripped off down to my pants (luckily she specified just the bottom half, at my first smear I took every off, I mean everything without even thinking about it until afterwards when the dr told me she only needed my bottom half next time, that was a bit awkward) Marie started by applying some coconut oil and kneading my thigh muscles, down to my calves and ankles, my back and my glutes – butt muscles (contrary to my belief my muscles are very tight  which would usually be a good thing, however not the case when they are pulling my pelvis out of place) Basically Marie discovered that all my muscles are so tight they are putting pressure on my pelvis, which is turn in causing the pain. Once we were finished I stood up and instantly felt lighter, like every knot had been taken away. I didn’t expect a miracle cure and it hasn’t been however it had helped enormously, yesterday I could walk so much easier. Marie really knows her stuff so if you are suffering and in the north hants area I would recommend getting in touch. She would love to help you too. 

I also had reflexology on Tuesday – you can read about it here: Maternity reflexology. I let Sally (my reflexologist) know about my SPD and she said she would work on it today, trust me when she got the parts of my feet that were connected to my spd I knew about it!! It’s great though, once Sally finds a sore spot she will always relax the area with a nice rub after. It’s divine!!! 

Today I actually walked without pain around my pelvis, the bump is still heavy on my pubic bone but the main pain from my Pelvis has been nothing compared to what it was. I didn’t even realise until this afternoon that I was waddling as much as I has been!! 

There are also a couple of things that I have done myself that I think have helped too

  • Sleeping with legs together keeping a pillow between them
  • Trying to get in and out of the car with legs together 
  • Not being at work; I have been off all week and this has helped immensely  I really hope it doesn’t get worse when I go back on Monday.
  • Exercises for Pelvic floors- going on all fours alternating between curved and flat spine
  • Using something (usually a book) between my knees when laying flat on my back with knees up and squeezing, about 90% strength.

If you are suffering I really recommend any of the above, I don’t expect them to have cured my SPD (I don’t think anyone has enough magic for that) but it has really helped for now. 

Have you found anything that has helped?  


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