32 week update

I usually only do updates every two weeks but now we are into the final countdown and things are changing and moving so quickly I am going to start doing an update every week. So here we are, 32 weeks, 8 to go, knowing my luck I’ll have to be induced (sounds like great fun, doesn’t it??) I had a lovely week off work and got a little glimpse of what life on maternity leave will be like, minus the baby, sick stained top and sleepless nights. 

Weight Gain: I didn’t bother with stepping on the scales this week. Mr C mentioned how well I’m doing and haven’t gained any weight around my face, I said no just my butt and thighs but I’m bottom heavy so it’s to be expected, he then followed up with yeah and your calves and ankles too!!- cheeky, he must have been feeling brave. 

The bump had decided to sprout a little more, only half an inch in three weeks though, I am expecting it to have a growth spurt in the next couple of weeks again. 

Check those buttons out- just about to pop open

Symptoms: Being away from work massively helped my Pelvic Pain so I am just hoping it doesn’t come back with vengeance this week. (Update- wishful thinking, sitting down at my desk yesterday hasn’t helped)  I’m not really suffering from tiredness yet, which is a godsend as we still have so much to do. I am terribly hormonal, I stupidly thought I could get through Marley and Me (for those that don’t know we had to put our first doggy down 2 years ago, it was the worst day of our lives)- Let me give you this piece of advice, even if you think you will be fine, even if you think you are totally over it, do NOT under any circumstance watch Marley and Me, Mr.C hid upstairs so he didn’t get emotional (he’s tough,right?) and came down at the end with the tissues. I watched the Kite Runner on Sunday ( the film adaptation of one of my favourite books) and ended up hugging Tilly the Pug for about half an hour after whilst sobbing my heart out!!

I got cramp in my calf four times last night, they are good practise for trying to  stay quiet through pain ! 

Stretch marks: No different from last week, just the couple of little marks on my side. I am using up the last of my Bio Oil, I’m, not sure whether to risk switching to something else, but I am getting fed up being a bit greasy at bed time!

Movement: Still kicking and moving away, I’m starting to feel a foot or a little hand hitting me. I love when his little bum sticks out too! Yesterday for the first time I knew his exact position, he was facing head down but diagonal across my belly, I knew this because I could feel little punches down low (in my bladder) I could see his little toushi mid way up on the right and feel kicks under my ribs!! He stayed like this a while, little bugger! 

Belly button: Pretty much out, but still soft so it doesn’t show through my tops.
Cravings: None- being away from our free vending machine at work last week helped me stay off the sugary sweets and drinks!

Wedding ring: On!

Labour Symptoms: I have added this now. I haven’t had any however I have been having braxton hicks, they aren’t painful in the slightest my tummy just gets very hard for about 30 seconds and the relaxes.
Best moments: Having lots of my girlfriends over for a girlie night on Friday, watching them getting drunk on mojitos – not so great !!! Waahhhh, not long till I can join in the antics.
Spending time with my Nieces, each one is very different and they are all very very funny!
Wedding dress shopping with one of my close friends, I’m going to be one of her bridesmaids next July  (how exciting) so I have something to aim towards to help me lose the baby weight!!
Worst moment: Missing Mr. C 😦 He went away for four days on his last lads holiday, I missed him loads and loads and was very happy to have him back at home late Sunday night- tan marks and all! 
Looking forward to: The carpet being fitted in the nursery this week, our buggy and furniture being delivered in the next two weeks!!! I had a big palava in Mothercare changing the delivery dates but finally got it sorted after 45 minutes of standing at the till!

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3 thoughts on “32 week update

  1. I know, we can't wait, starting to get uncomfortable now, can't remember how it feels to be not pregnant!! Babys due date is the 24th September, when is your sisters?? How exciting for her and you, luckily she has a baby expert in the family xx

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