So much to do, So little time!

We are at the 8 weeks to go stage, that’s only 8 weekends left and we have a very busy August with at least one commitment over the weekend. So why not raise my Blood pressure and update our to do list, Hopefully there are a couple of things we can tick off! 

1. Paint nursery– Done by Mr.C, he also plastered the walls and ceiling! Super Dad! 

2. Get Carpet fitted– Yes this was done yesterday. We chose the same colour as we have for our lounge, stairs and landing. It’s cream so we will be buying a rug for the babies room too. It looks soooooo cute!! 

3. Chose curtains and a blind:I couldn’t persuade Mr.C to get plantation shutters, so we are having a white wooden Venetian blind and some cute blue striped curtains. Unfortunately I travelled 20 miles to get the blind only to pick up the wrong size- I even knew the price of the one I needed – total baby brain! 

These are the curtains – they are blackout and a bargain at £20 from Asda 

4. Arrange furniture delivery- This has been done- well done me! They are being delivered on the 15th August, I can not wait. Just to add our Buggy delivery has also been arranged, Nanny Maggie bought our chosen one- the Mothercare Orb, I will review this once we have it and let you know how we got on with assembly.  

5. Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize- Not yet, Mr.C keeps asking where I want shelves etc but I need the furniture in before answering that! 

6. Choose and buy a monitor-Nope, we are planning a day out to get a few things- this included. 

7. Choose and buy a mattress– As above

8. Moses basket stand– As above 

9. Sell my Mini and Buy a new car. – we haven’t moved on this yet, and it’s starting to worry me. My mini is tiny, the boot just about fits three shopping bag, let alone a buggy. This has to be our next priority!

10. Mr.C’s biggest job– Fit a new boiler- This may have to be put on the back burner, until early next year. We are running out of time very quickly. 

11. Birthing playlist– not started yet but keep hearing songs that I think I might want to listen to. 

12. Antenatal class and hospital tour– All booked for 10th August. They don’t offer a hospital tour with this though, I’m not sure if it’s worth booking in for this separately. 

13. Wash and iron all of Baby C’s new clothes– I love the smell of fresh washing so this is a must, I am going to wait till my Maternity leave to start this. 

14. Buy and pack things for hospital bag- I have started packing babies bag, so far I have nappies, nappy sacks, cotton wool pads. I haven’t put any clothes in yet as not sure how many layers we are going to need. 
So out of 14 things we had to do, we now have 9.5 things left and only 8 weeks, better get a move on!! I was hoping on Baby C coming early- scratch that, he can come right on time!! 

Did you worry about having everything done in time? Did you run out of time before baby arrived? 


3 thoughts on “So much to do, So little time!

  1. Aah, I can feel your excitement! Love those curtains and what a bargain. Have you thought of a make of car you'd like?It will all come together – you'll see xxx Pam

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