33 Weeks

The dress is from Mothercare- currently £14 in the Sale !!

Weight Gain: No idea, but only really gained weight on my lower half (I think) 

The bump is measuring in at ……… 42.5 inches still. Everyone keeps telling me how big I am getting but I haven’t grown at all in week. I do think the bump shape is changing though!! 

Symptoms: Shortness of breath has hit me this week, I feel like I can’t get enough oxygen in my lungs, even when resting, It’s horrible. Still in agony turning over at night, my pelvis is so painful, however I have been using a nexcare maternity support belt that really seems to be helping take some weight off, I’ll be doing a review of this shortly. 

Stretch marks: No real change from last week, I have noticed a couple of new marks on my thighs but I’m not bothered by those, I think most women have them on their thighs (Am I right?) I have started using Palmers Tummy Butter, so hoping this helps them. I’ll let you know how I get on with it. 

Movement: Yep still somersaulting away in there, surely he is going to run out of room soon? 
Belly button: A soft outie

Cravings: None really, I feel like I am losing my appetite a bit. 

Wedding ring: On! It’s very strange how much my feet swell yet my hands haven’t changed at all! 

Labour Symptoms: Not yet. I have had a couple of times during this week where I have been having period type pains, nothing too horrible but I can feel them. 

Best moments: Buying a car!! Mr.C is very happy with me for buying a much cheaper car, albeit on a temporary basis until I am used to driving with Baby C in, also he made a good point, we probably don’t realise how much space we need in a car with a baby so lets not spend loads and regret it, lets spend a little, see how we get on and change it when we are more qualified to pick a sensible family car. We decided to get an Audi A2, small but 5 door and enough boot space for our buggy. It’s another thing of the list. Our buggy was also delivered today, we haven’t put it up yet, we are planning on taking it over to my Nans, I have heard keeping it in the house is unlucky, what did you do with your buggy before baby’s arrival? 

Mr.C has been very helpful this week, he discovered where we kept the hoover so he’s taken over that, he even cooked dinner last week! He was also responsible for a full food shop, I did go with him (we may have ended up with 100 ice pops otherwise) it was very funny to watch him marching around the supermarket at 10.30pm (He won’t go when there are too many people in the shop) wondering if cooking a whole ham would work out more economic than buying sliced !! Lunatic. 

Worst moment: Pretty good week actually.
Looking forward to: Our ante-natal class on Saturday, Mr.C is in for a real shock, whereas I’m just going to act totally cool, like the size of the forceps haven’t made me wince and make me want to super-glue my legs together. 

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