Our Home

I love the little bike flower pot we have.. (on the right)
We bought our first home together in December 2010, I can’t believe we have been here for three years- 2013 will be our 4th Christmas in the house, I am sooo looking forward to it, not just because Baby C will be here but we get to put the tree up!!!! We didn’t get to put one up in our first year as we moved on the 23rd  of December and last year we were building an extension (I say ‘we’ I mean Mr.C of course, I am always Project Manager)

It’s taken us this long to get the house to a standard that we love, we still need to change the bathroom (I learnt caustic soda  is NOT bath cleaner the hard way, oops)

Anyway we love our home and I love interiors so I thought I would share my favourite things in my house with you- You will have to wait for the Nursery finale.

My dining room is my favourite room in the house. I love that everything in it is quite unique, I picked up the table from an auction for £32 and got it painted and waxed. The corner unit is on of my favs too, this was from Ebay and repainted. The corner chair was also from an auction, a bargain at £30. I had my curtains made for me with some fabric I fell in love with. The flooring is Bamboo. When we bought the house this was just our patio, we knocked out the window and built out, luckily I married a very talented carpenter (Don’t tell him I said that) 

I have added a new sideboard to the dining room, We really wanted some storage downstairs so I didn’t have to keep worrying about removing the doggy every time I needed something for the baby, so we are going to keep spare of everything downstairs- not that I’m lazy or anything. We picked this up for free, I bought some Annie Sloan Chalk paint and Wax (which I love by the way) and I painted, waxed and distressed it. Not bad for my first DIY project. 
I managed to get the paintings on the wall from the Auction too!! 

I love my bedroom, Our bed is from Ikea, it will need replacing eventually but considering it was pretty cheap it has done us well for the last three years. The bedding is Laura Ashley, although to be honest I am not a fan, 100% cotton is not fun to iron and as soon as we have slept in it it’s creased again. 

The canvass is from Next and the wall colour is Pavillion Grey by Farrow and Ball.

My living room was so plain when we moved in, we had an old white brick fireplace with a non-working gas fire, so that went when we built the extension. 

I got the mirror from an Antiques shop in Hartley Whitney (Hampshire), We did debate getting a real log burner however with a baby on the way we didn’t think it would be too safe, let alone the mess it might cause on our new cream carpet, so we decided just to make do with an electric one. Mr.C does still need to make a mantel shelf for above the fire, it’s on his ‘before the baby to do list’ 

I can’t remember the wall colour but it’s a shade by Farrow and Ball

Our Wallpaper is by Anna French.  Our floor lamp was another find by me, I got this from an antique shop. I love the blanket on the back of our sofa, a friend of ours made it for us for a wedding present, it’s so unique, I love that no one else has it!! Comes in very handy for those cold winter evenings. 

This is my lovely Pip Studio Collection, I still need the get the large plates but I love getting it out when I have a friends over for a cuppa. 

As I am sure you can tell I love vintage homes !!! A lot of our furniture has been bought cheaply and ‘up-cycled’ I really believe you do not need to spend a lot to make your house a home !!

I can’t wait to share the Nursery pictures with you!!
Have you picked up any bargains that you love for your home?


3 thoughts on “Our Home

  1. Thanks Hayley, we do love it, it has taken a while though!! Lucky you with your review products, it's lovely,I really like Linen cushions, I always put duck feather in my cushions too, it's much comfier! x

  2. You're amazing Sarah. You're right you don't need to spend a lot of money and I love the uniqueness. I really wouldn't know the first place to look!! Brilliant Pam xx

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