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YBeautysets - baby wish list

There are so many cute things I could buy for Baby C but I am holding off buying anything now until he is here!! I love all the new Autumn/Winter range for little boys, little boots and knitted jumpers are just so CUTE!! My fav shop for baby boys this season has to be Zara, they aren’t so great on the newborn range but 3,6,9 months plus are just the sweetest!! 

1. I am in LOOOOVE with these little boots, perfect winter booties for a little boy. They are £29.99 from Zara. Find them here 

2. You can never have enough bibs, this pack from Marks and Spencers is lovely, I like that they have poppers unlike most that are Velcro. They aren’t an massively exciting buy but definitely an essential. They are a bargain for £5. Find them here

3. It’s always handy to have some comfy trousers for baby (and mummy) to lounge around in, Denim always looks a bit stiff on tiny babies but these are a great alternative. They can be bought from Zara for £10.99. Find them here

4. Another pair of gorgeous shoes from Zara, eeekkk. They are probably the most impractical thing but they are so adorable, not for a newborn, maybe 9-12 months. This red leather moccasins are £25.99. Find them here

5. I like these little trouser/leggins as they look really comfortable without being bulky like jogging bottoms. I think these would look great with a little t-shirt. You can pick up a two pack from Baby Gap for £9.95- there is also an additional 15% off Gap purchase for today only (8/8/2013) Find them here

6. Zara comes up trumps again with this knitted jumper, Baby C will be three months at Christmas and this would be perfect. It’s £15.99 ! Find it here

7. How lovely are these coloured twill trousers, Zara again!! The price is £12.99 which I think is quite reasonable. Find them here

8. This Muslin Clothes are really sweet, I know you can get them cheaper but the design on these are really sweet, and £8 for 5 is still pretty reasonable for M & S quality. Another essential. Find them here


6 thoughts on “Wish List

  1. Thanks so much for reading Heather, I'm glad you are enjoying the posts. Those shoes are just the cutest aren't they? I follow your blog too. Your pregnancy will fly by, I look forward to reading all about, just imagine once you're 20 weeks, I should have a baby (if he's not too late) 🙂 LoveSarah x

  2. @Hayley I know they are lovely, don't want to wish baby time away but i can't wait to dress baby C in proper clothes 🙂 @Lucie I know- I am a total Mason fan haha@Hannah I love leggins on babies, especially boys- i'll just tell my husband they are tight joggers. Where did you get yours from- they have some cute lighting print ones in gap too x

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