34 Weeks

I don’t know why my thumb looks like it’s poking out of my belly!

Time is flying.. only 6 weeks to go, although everyone keeps telling me I won’t go to 40 weeks, I am not thinking about this, as I don’t want to be counting the days and getting excited by every twinge. I leave work on the 20th of August so have lots of things planned to do over the few weeks before baby so hopefully he won’t arrive too early!! 

Weight Gain: Haven’t checked but I am sure my face is looking a little rounder!! Fab !! 

The bump is measuring in at ……… 43 inches. My shape has changed completely, I feel like it has definitely dropped, I think I can tell his position most of time now which is pretty weird. 

Symptoms: Acid reflux at night time is a killer, bringing nausea with it too. I ended up out of bed this week sitting on the loo leaning on the sink just to cool down (does anyone else find bathrooms the best place to be when you’re feeling poorly) I had a little sleep on the sofa until MR.C woke up and came and got me back into bed. Boobs are also getting a little sore now too and tiredness is kicking in.

Stretch marks: No change, still have the little patch on my back they don’t look great at the moment but I am hoping with time they will fade and won’t be that noticeable. If I am lucky enough just to get these I will be super happy, but only time will tell! 

Movement: Going crazy still, I sometimes worry to myself that they aren’t supposed to be that hard!
Belly button: A soft outie

Cravings: Nope, I do love a fizzy drink though, I’ve been trying to stick with coke zero but the vending machine only has diet or full fat- Full fat it is. 

Wedding ring: On!

Labour Symptoms: Nope 

Best moments: We had a buggy delivered so it was exciting to go and check that it was all there- Can’t wait to put it together, I will do a review on it once it’s up, we have been very lucky as our buggy was a gift from my Mum – so Baby C has a very cute red buggy to travel in style!  

Worst moment: Being told Baby C could possibly be breach. My midwife wasn’t too sure if she could feel a head or a bottom! Apparently heads are harder and whatever is at the top at the moment is pretty hard (maybe he won’t inherit my derrière)  I am not going to worry too much about it, whatever will be will be. 
Looking forward to: ahhhhh it’s an exciting week, we have the nursery furniture coming on Thursday, I can’t wait to see it all up, it also means I can get some space back in my wardrobe. 

I also have my ‘surprise’ baby shower. I say ‘surprise’ because I know when it is but I don’t know any of the details, anyone that knows me will know I am a control freak when it comes to events. Although I fully trust my BFF’s more than capable hands. I will let you all know how it goes!!! So excited I even bought a new dress! I can’t wait to see all my friends and family too!!!


3 thoughts on “34 Weeks

  1. @Thanks Lucie, not long till we both have our little men with us!!@Hayley, I havent tried Rennie, I tried gavisgon but it was gross!! I'll pick up rennie though and give it a go, fingers crossed. I love My Girl- I see what you mean! 🙂 I can't wait for baby shower either, I'll post lots of pictures xx

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