My Maternity Leave To do list

Have I said I finish work on the 20th August?? I may have mentioned it once or twice! I am going to try and keep myself really busy so I have held off doing a lot of things until I am off work.

1. Wash baby clothes, organise and put away

2. Wash baby bedding for cot and Moses basket- put on. 

3. Meet friends for lunch

3. Set nursery up- arrange where everything is going, put pictures and shelves up on the wall (I won’t be trusted to do this so I’ll just have to leave dots where I want things for Mr.C to do)

4. Organise the house, we have done most of this but a few things need to be put in permanent homes once Baby C’s room is done. 

5. Meet friends for coffee

5. Find a place in the kitchen for steriliser, formula and bottles 

6. Paint our vintage high chair 

7. Meet friends for dinner

8. Manicure/Pedicure/Massage/Eyebrow wax/Possibly bikini wax if feeling brave enough.

9. Wash all clothes for my hospital bag- Pack hospital bag – one for me, one for baby and one for Mr.C. 

10. AND…… Relax 

11. Have a baby! 

Just a little add on- Baby C had the hiccoughs last night- the first time ever, and they were low down, I am hoping this is a good sign of him not being breech. I couldn’t sleep last night thinking about it! I may be a bit posh/think I’m a bit posh,  but I want to PUSH!! 


Have I forgotten anything? I’m sure I can squeeze a few more lunch dates in there !


One thought on “My Maternity Leave To do list

  1. The count down is on!! Don't forget dinner or going out as much as possible with hubby cause there wont be a lot of that going on especially first few weeks or months. Sleep, download favourite tv shows or books or borrow these from friends and family because baby sleeps a lot anyways first few weeks but if you're like me and can't sleep as often as baby some reading or tv relief can fill in the time. Good luck will be coming back and reading up on your journey xo

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