35 Weeks

Ahhhhh 5 weeks to go and I finish work today!! The nursery is so close to finishing, we just need to put a couple of shelves and pictures up. I love it. I will post pics as soon as it’s finished. 

Weight Gain: 30lbs, shit! Hopefully a max of 1lb a week gain till due date and the total will be 2.5 stone. Which I guess isn’t too bad, is it? As long as it comes off who cares! 

Bump is now 43.5 inches. I am having to take the measurement at a different place as the widest point is much lower now. Hopefully that means Baby C is in the right position. 

Symptoms: Not been too bad this week, I’ve not been really tired either. I am however really looking forward to having my normal size feet and calves back. I’ve heard they get worse before they get better though- Great!!! 

Stretch marks: No changes here -Yet! 

Movement: Still moving lots, it’s also the first time I have felt Baby C have hiccups, first it was cute, now it’s a little annoying, especially at night time, but I still smile every time I feel him. I have no idea of his position as I get hard bumps and lumps all over. His hiccups are low down though so hopefully that’s a sign. 
Belly button: A soft outie, but it can now be seen through my tops. 

Cravings: Nothing, I’ve not even been hungry. 

Wedding ring: Miraculously On!

Labour Symptoms: Braxton Hicks.. I was suffering from period pain type cramps, every 5 mins for about 45 mins, they weren’t really painful! 

Best moments: My lovely amazing Baby Shower. I will do a separate post on this to tell you all about it! We have also ticked off everything on our Baby List… I am sure a lot more things will crop up but we have everything we think we need. 

Worst moment: Waking up at 5am and wondering how we are going to look after a baby!!! What do I dress him in, will he be too hot, too cold, how do I know what to do with him!!! Arghhh. Has anyone else suffered pre-baby nerves? I woke up the next morning and asked Mr.C if he was nervous, apparently he isn’t, My reply ” yeah me either” 

Arghhh, little update. I cracked my wisdom tooth, I have no idea how, it doesn’t hurt in the slightest, but I have been left with a little snaggle tooth right at the back, it’s pretty sharp, so my first day out of the office will be spent at the dentist, having the rest removed I’m sure. I think things like that are quite common in pregnancy, I’m just glad it’s the back tooth that won’t be seen! 
Looking forward to: Maternity Leave, It officially starts on the 2nd September however I finish today on holiday! 

Until next week


5 thoughts on “35 Weeks

  1. Haha SJ I have those ore baby nerves already lol! I am panicking I won't have enough in my hosptial bags and that I won't know if baby is too hot or cold or what!? Think that's totally normal though and we will get through it together ;-)Enjoy your last day!!! Xxhttp://LucieAndTheBump.blogspot.co.uk

  2. Enjoy your time off!! Sooo exciting for you really not long now 😀 cant wait to hear about your baby shower and see how your nursery looks like :)www.apinchofshaz.blogspot.comxo

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