36 weeks

Weight Gain: I haven’t gained any weight this week *sigh of relief* so in total is 2stone 2lbs. Not too bad really, especially as Baby C should now weigh about 6lbs. So I can blame him for that! Being away from the vending machine at work has helped me avoid fizzy drinks and chocolate. 

Bump is measuring 44 inches, so it has grown, I took this measurement in the evening though so it might be smaller in the morning. I’ll check. The bump has certainly dropped and now feels like I’m lugging a bowling ball around with me. 

Symptoms: Still have fat feet, don’t worry.. I won’t subject you to a photo of the trotters. I had a pedicure yesterday so that was lovely, poor women having to hold them. Sleeping is ok, I can get to sleep no problem but have to change sides every half hour so my butt stops going numb! 

Stretch marks: Just the normal hip ones at the moment. I’m getting so fed up up greasing up every night and morning though. 

Movement: Like a little alien in my tummy. I am sure I felt the shape of a leg at the top of the bump though. It felt very weird. 
Belly button: Outie- as seen below!

Yes, the stretch marks are covered by the maternity jeans !

Cravings: Nothing really. I did really enjoy my nando’s last night though 

Wedding ring: on, but getting tighter.

Labour Symptoms: Braxton Hicks.. Period type cramps every evening

Best moments: The midwife is 90% sure Baby C is head down.. yippeee. But I have a scan tomorrow to double check, so we get to see baby again!

Worst moment: Nothing really, its been a good first week of maternity leave.

Looking forward to: Being full term next week

eyebrow wax is next on the to do list


2 thoughts on “36 weeks

  1. Looking fab at 36 weeks. Envious that you've put on only a little bit of weight. I've put on 2kgs more than you and I'm only 34 weeks. But I too had a scan this week and was told baby's measurements at in the 90 percentile against average baby measurements so I'm putting all the weight blame on this little chubba.

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