37 Weeks- FULL TERM BABY!!

We have finally reached week 37, well we are a couple of days past it but I have been a bit busy hanging upside down in the hope of turning Baby C to update the blog. I have now come to terms with having a C-section, obviously it would be fab to know that he decided to turn around but if not as long as he is here safe and sound then that’s all that matters!! 

Weight Gain: I have put on a pound since last week, no biggie. Just looking forward to losing it all now. 

Bump is measuring just over 45 inches!! 

Symptoms: I thought my PGP had pretty much gone so decided I didn’t need a pillow between the legs last night, boy was I wrong, woke up this morning and my pelvis is pretty sore, so Ladies if you wondered whether the pillow was helping, I can vouch for it. I have been getting acid reflux every night before bed, so have kept some gaviscon tablets handy and these seem to do the trick. I had no hair until I was about 18 months, so maybe Baby C will have a full head???

Stretch marks: I honestly don’t care about this anymore, being told I am likely to need a c-section has put everything into perspective for me!! I have the usual ones on my hips and pretty sure I have a couple underneath the bump, the good thing about a C-Section is I will not go overdue so I will miss out on any last minute stretching, however like I said in the big scheme of things, they are irrelevant. 

Movement: He certainly hasn’t slowed down.  I feel bad for Baby at the moment as I really feel like he is trying to turn around for Mummy but just can’t make it. I had my usual reflexology treatment this week and she used a Moxibustion to try and get the baby to turn. It is done using a Moxi stick that is burned close to the baby toe, this should radiate heat up through the body to encourage the babys head down, I really think this would have worked if there was enough fluid for Baby to turn as that evening he was going mad and moving between, what felt like breech and transverse but always heading back to breech. I will find out on Monday how my fluid levels are, in the meantime I am trying to drink a lot of water!
Belly button: Outie

Cravings: Nope

Wedding ring: ahhh, the ring still fits(just) but I have moved my wedding ring on to my pinky just incase it gets stuck and I know I will have to remove it for op. My engagement ring is slightly bigger so that’s still on.

Labour Symptoms: Braxton Hicks..lots of them, every evening. I even timed them last night as they were pretty regular but as soon as I went to sleep they stopped.

Best moments: Reaching full term. 

Worst moment: Being told baby is breech

Looking forward to: Just having a baby!


6 thoughts on “37 Weeks- FULL TERM BABY!!

  1. Congrats on reaching full term!! Still looking fab and no double chins.I'm almost 18 weeks now and found out the gender today eeekkk, even shed 3 tears out of shock not happiness haha. I'll blog about it once the shock has gone.Looking forward to reading that you have had a safe, healthy Baba Heather xx

  2. Aww thanks Heather. I can't wait to find out what you are having! I always wanted a girl but when I found out was pregnant I knew he was a boy and wouldn't want anything else! Nearly half way for you, fingers crossed time flies for you xx

  3. Aww how exciting 🙂 My baby was breech, but undiagnosed 😦 I wanted a natural water birth but instead had an emergency section…. However, it isn't THAT bad. I was just happy to have Beau out and in my arms 🙂 Lauren xmrshippoandme.blogspot.co.uk

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