My experience of External Cephalic Version- ECV

As you all know Baby C was diagnosed as being in the breech position. I have tried a number of things to get him to turn, including: 

– crawling around on all 4’s 

– lying on a tilted ironing board rested on the sofa – (yes amazingly it held my weight)

– Cushions under my hips

– Heat at the bottom of the bump and cold at the top (mean mummy) 

– Reflexology – There is a particular point on your baby toe referred to as point Bladder 67 By stimulating this point the muscles in the uterus are relaxed and the baby is able to turn into the ‘head down’ position.

– MoxiBustion –involves the use of moxa sticks (made from dried mugwort) to apply heat to acupuncture points – this particular herb is chosen because of the intensity of heat it produces when burned, encouraging baby to turn towards the heat. It is a bit stinky but nothing too horrible. 

Of all of these things, the baby was most active during reflexology and moxibustion (this was done at the same time by the same person.) He was moving a lot whilst I was there but also in the evening when I was at home relaxed that evening. I really think if he was going to turn at all this would have worked, Baby seemed to make it halfway around and then flip back up- cheeky so and so. 

So the last resort was ECV, which I was totally dreading, before getting to the hospital I had it in my head that I wasn’t going to let them do it unless there was more than a 50/50 chance, even then I wasn’t so sure to be honest. I had watched a few videos with Mr.C on youtube and it did not look pleasant. Once we were there we were taken into a delivery suite and the consultant came in to scan baby and of course, he was still breech. She the discussed the procedure with us and gave us a 50/50 chance, she left us to discuss. We decided that we would give it a go, if it was too much I could ask them to stop at any time. I was then put on the monitor, this picked up baby’s heartbeat and also any uterus contractions, funnily enough it was picking up little contractions, braxton hicks apparently, I have been having them for ages so it’s good to know I was right about what they were. I was also given a womb relaxant injection (which didn’t really hurt) I was worried this would be in my tummy, but I had the choice so choose the arm- seemed much less scary than sticking a needle in my tummy. The injection made me a little hot and quite shaky, half of this was probably due to lack of food (I had to starve just incase, it was now about 1.45pm and I hadn’t eaten since midnight) 

After 5 more minutes, two consultants came in, the first one we saw and another man. The lady then started by finding baby’s bottom and his head and tried getting him to do a forward roll, he moved maybe 3 inches to the right but would go no further, so she tried to get baby to do a backflip, again he moved about 3 inches to the left but would go no further. The man asked if I minded him having a go, he looked like he had a bit more welly in him so I told him to go for it. However Baby was just not playing ball or as he said ‘this baby is not for turning!’ After this I was put back on the monitor and baby’s heartbeat was just perfect, Of course it was, he got his own way, Baby:1- Mummy: 0 (already) 

You can see the Braxton Hicks on the bottom line. 
I recognise this is a rather long post, however I really wanted to assure anyone going through the same that it really isn’t that bad. Yes it did hurt, I won’t lie but I would do it all again if I had too. So it can’t have been that bad, I just took deep breaths and knew that I could ask them to stop (I was very proud as I never asked them) My consultants and the midwives there were so supportive. I am so glad we gave it a go, I really would recommend trying it. 

So to finish off we are booked in for a c-section next week, eeek. The man consultant will be performing the operation and he was lovely so I know he will make me feel at ease on the day.  

Oh and for those that love a bit of Mr.C- whilst I was having the procedure Mr C stood up slowly (bad back, poor poor guy- note the sarcasm) the consultant asked ME if I was ok, to which Mr.C replied “yes I am OK.” She told him she was asking me not him, he always makes me laugh even unintentionally. 

WE WILL HAVE A BABY NEXT WEEK!!!! ARHHHHHHHH… (of before if baby decides he is ready to come) 

Did you turn your breech baby? How did you find ECV? 

Please do get in touch if you have any questions about the procedure. 


8 thoughts on “My experience of External Cephalic Version- ECV

  1. ah rhis is so exciting that you have a definite date of his arrival, can't wait to see him. Good luck trying to turn him, and if not, I hope the C section all goes to plan nicely. I was a breech baby and my mum said I was delivered in 2 hours πŸ™‚ x

  2. Ahh well at least you tried it!! Good to know it wasn't too bad – thats probably a good sign you know! It probably means that you're not too squeamish/have a high threshold for discomfort so you will prob be fine with the section! πŸ™‚ I doubt its much scarier than this procedure!What date are you going in? I'm wondering if you'll be having your section on the same day as my sister, hers is the 20th πŸ˜€ HayleySparkles & Stretchmarks xxx

  3. It did hurt but the anticipation on pain is much worse for me than the actual pain. The next thing I'm dreading is the spinal block and removal of catheter haha.. not the actual cutting as I know I'll be numb. We are keeping the date secret just to have a little surprise for everyone on the day. Good luck to you sister… you will soon be an auntie xx

  4. My ecv was awful because my little bean had engaged with her bum so my lovely consultant had to try and dig her out first :-(Good luck with the c section! Can't wait to see your little man!X

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