38 Weeks!

We are all booked in for a C-Section next week!!! I am so over pregnancy, so knowing I don’t have another 4 weeks of it has really helped me to not get too down about the c-section! We are just so excited to meet our little boy and see what he looks like, I have never been able to picture a face so it’s going to be amazing to see. We have kept the date a secret from everyone, so as not to take any excitement away, this was quite important to us as we hadn’t ever planned on having a ‘date’ Although you never know, Baby could still decide he wants to show up early.

Weight Gain: I weighed a couple of days ago and I think I have gained a total of about 2st 4lbs

Bump is measuring 45 inches!! 

Symptoms: No sleep, I am turning sides literally every tens minutes now and it kills my pelvis everytime!!The waddling has reached a whole new level- penguin springs to mind

Stretch marks: No change from last week

This jumper was a total bargain £10 from Gap in the sale. 

Movement: Still lots, even the consultant at my ECV told me he was very mobile! He enjoys moving his head a lot! I also found out what I thought were his kicks are actually punches, maybe we have a little boxer on our hands. 
Belly button: Outie

Cravings: Nope, I get full pretty quickly at the moment.

Wedding ring: Wedding ring on pinky, engagement ring on wedding finger, it’s cooled down a lot know so I can put it back but just to be on the safe side it’s staying. 

Labour Symptoms: Braxton Hicks and period type cramps! 

Best moments: We have a date that we will meet our little Baby.

Worst moment: Attempting to watch a c-section from behind the curtain on youtube- they put the curtain up for a REASON SJ !!! 

Looking forward to: Next week of course

Excuse the lack of Make up- Still no double chin!! Oh and I had a hair cut and colour. Nice and fresh!


6 thoughts on “38 Weeks!

  1. I couldnt bring myself to do it… i switched off. I really hope they don't tell me when they are starting, the first thing I want to hear is Baby crying ! I can't believe some people have the curtain down!!

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