Baby C’s Nursery

I have been so excited to share this post with you, Baby C’s room is pretty much finished now, we are just waiting to pick up an armchair and we are complete, so whilst I have the chance I thought I would share some photos with you. We love his room so much! 

It’s been a long process as we have plastered the walls (well Mr.C did) and had to strip wallpaper off the ceiling, why the previous owners did this I don’t know?? We have also has a new carpet fitted and a new window ledge, previously it was lovely brown tiles! 

The bedding, bunting, cot pockets and mobile our all from the Jools Oliver Little Bird range at Mothercare. I really love the unisex colouring but love the 50’s styling more! The Cot bed and the Wardrobe in the photo are from Mothercare too, they are part of the Taunton range. I think the shelves on the wardrobe are such a good idea to put little gifts that Baby has been given. 

The Moses basket will come into out room once baby arrives of course. It looks so cosy in there! The Moses basket came with the mattress and the coverlet. I purchased the sheet from MotherCare and the stand is from Mama’s and Papas, however has kindly been lent by a friend.

 I made the little rainbow that’s hanging on the wardrobe and Mr.C and I made the little toadstools you can see on the top shelf.

The curtains were a total bargain, only £20 from Asda, they are black out too so hopefully will help baby sleep. (We shall see about that)

I am in love with the Vintage style lampshade. It is handmade from Rosie’s Vintage Lampshades and cost £40, which is probably a little pricey for a lampshade but I couldn’t resist. Worth is, don’t you think??

The little birds are from Laura Ashley, I bought them for £12.50 in the sale, they are also little lights so will be perfect at night time when little one is in the room. 

Baby C’s changing unit, also part of the Taunton Range at Mothercare, I have fit a wicker basket in one of the shelves with his Nappies, cream and baby wipes in for easy access when he is getting his nappy changed. The changing mat is also Little bird, as is the white cellular blanket, the blue blanket was a lovely gift bought by a friend from the White Company. 


These are original pages from Noddy books bought from Ebay. I love that the colours match the rest of the decor. 

We also had to go and buy some more storage, this holds Baby C’s bibs, socks, hats and scratch mittens. 

I bought the little alphabet cubes from Ebay too, again in keeping with the theme of the room. They will eventually be used to spell out his name, which is still undecided by the way.

Lastly, here are a few pics of his organised clothes, I have had to draw Mr.C a little plan of each so he knows what they are and can get out them without messing them up (OCD much?)


We had so much fun decorating and accessorising the room. Have you decided on a theme for your nursery? I would love to see your posts.


11 thoughts on “Baby C’s Nursery

  1. Thanks Emma, Yes we love the range, we have most outfits too!! I think I will do a tutorial, I didn't take many pics when doing it though. Maybe I can make some more for xmas pressies lol x

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