Bloom Beautiful Products

If you have been reading my posts you will know that during my (eeek) 39 weeks of pregnancy I have gained a few stretch marks, however they aren’t terrible and to be honest the ones on my tummy aren’t too noticeable and will hopefully fade over time (wishful thinking?) 

I have used a number of products since my pregnancy started, firstly bio oil- I do believe this worked, I applied this everyday, twice a day for the first 6 months and gained no stretch marks, I did neglect to put the oil on my hips and this was the only place I had them. Obviously I can’t be too sure as I have some on the underneath of my tummy now and maybe I was destined to get them- we will never know. I got really fed up of bio oil, I just couldn’t put up with greasy feeling anymore, so I switched to palmers tummy butter, I liked this to begin with but again it was really greasy and left me waiting with no clothes on for if to soak in. Next I was sent Nspa mummy nourishing stretch mark oil and this was a huge improvement on the greasiness of bio oil, I have done a review so worth having a read if you prefers to use oils. 

I was recently sent some gorgeous products by a company called Bloom Beautiful, they are a small company based in Devon, all products are naturally made using local Beeswax with the finest oils, butters and botanicals – no fillers and paraben free! I love to support small business especially ones with such an ethical background. The packaging is very simple but lovely.

I was sent Mummy and Baby massage oil, Mummy Bee Butter, After Birth Herbal bath remedy and Baby Bee Botty Balm. 

I have only been able to use the Mummy Bee Butter and the Massage oil so far and I love them both. My fav is the butter, An intensively moisturising Body Butter with added Rosehip and beautiful scents of Lavender, Tangerine and Rosewood.
The smell is amazing, it really reminds me of being in an massage room in a beauty salon, a really nice aromatherapy natural smell. The texture is perfect for rubbing on my belly/hips/boobs/thighs, it is not at all greasy and leaves my skin feeling super soft. I’m just sad I didn’t discover the product until late in pregnancy, I will however continue to use this post pregnancy!  

The massage oil has been great for my poor swollen elephant like feet. They have been really sore and feeling bruised in the last couple of weeks so I have enjoyed applying this and getting Mr.C to massage it in. It’s made from a blend of natural oils, chamomile and sweet orange. The orange can be seen floating in the oil. This is recommended for babies 3 months and over, it can be rubbed in or added to baby’s bath. I will definitely be giving that a try once Baby C is old enough. 

These products have been really impressive ! I will be trying out the Baby Bee Botty Balm so will let you know my thoughts as soon as.

Unfortunately I won’t be able to use the after birth bath healing bag as I need a a C-Section, however I will pass it on to a friend and ask for her thoughts. 

The products are all available from Not On The Highstreet. I will totes be getting a few more products from the range come pay day. 

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