All our bags are packed

 With D-Day looming (or should I say C day?) I thought now was a good time to show you what’s in my hospital bag. I have removed and added a few things since knowing I would be in for a couple of days after a C-Section.

We have three bags to take with us. The Cowboy baby changing bag, my trusty Mulberry for all the last minute things and my suitcase….Yes my suitcase is pretty big, but don’t underestimate the size of a packet of those lovely maternity pads, they alone take up a fair amount of room! 
I have packed 3 sets of sleepwear.  A nighty, and 2 pairs of dark coloured Pj’s. All in size 14-16 so nice and comfy and can be pulled over the C-Section scar. I also have a lightweight cotton dressing gown. The maternity ward was like a sauna when I went in for my ECV so there is no need for a thick fluffy dressing gown in there. I also have some easy slip on slippers. I have put in the dust bag from my Mulberry Handbag, I always take this away with me as it’s perfect for putting any dirty clothes in. 
I have also packed two outfits for when I am discharged, I’ll decide if maternity leggings and a top are easier than maternity nights and a dress, or maybe I’ll just stay in my PJ’s and make the walk of shame from the ward to the car and the car to the house! I have also packed socks, a fully charged camera, a towel and my toiletry bag.
My toiletry bag contains:
– Liz Earle minis
– Batiste dry shampoo
-Aussie Shampoo and condition minis
– Anti Bac hand gel
– Dove deodorant mini
– M&S Peppermint breath spray
– Cath Kidston Blueberry Body wash mini
– Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir perfume
-Arnica tablets
– Toothbrush and toothpaste 
– L’Occitane Hand cream
– Lipbalm
-Contact lenses
– hairbands
– Nail polish remover
Baby C’s Bag contains a fair few nappies, nappy bags, cotton wool, baby wipes (I think hospitals frown upon using these but I am sure they will come in handy for something else) We have also put his little Rabbit in, this was a gift from a friend. It’s from the Little White Company and is soo soft! (Even after Tilly kept removing it from the bag) 
I have also packed 4 outfits for baby
– 4 vests
– 4 baby grows
– 1 cardigan
– couple of hats
– scratch mittens
– few bibs
– 2 cellular blankets
Mr. C will be coming home during the day to see Tills so he can always bring up more of everything if needed. 
Lastly I have packed a packet of Maternity towels from Mothercare – I bought special Aloe Vera ones before knowing I wouldn’t be sore down there. I have also put in a few pairs of breast pads. I have saved everyone the horror of photographing my lovely big panties for post c-section, but I haven’t forgotten them! Oh and I have also thrown in some Peanut M&M’s and some Fruisili cereal bars- I have told all visitors not to enter without food!! Mr.C has also popped out to get me some Peppermint tea as I have heard it can really help with digestion after being packed full of painkillers. 
There are a couple of things that will need to go in before we leave for hospital
– Phones
– Phone charger
– Ipad
– Makeup 
– Hairbrush
My hospital notes are left in my car all the time so I won’t need to remember these !! 
I hope I haven’t forgotten anything and if I have I hope Hubbles knows where to find it! 

8 thoughts on “All our bags are packed

  1. Don't forget your glasses! You probably won't be able to wear lenses during the section. I'd also advise some bendy straws – I know everyone goes on about them, but after the section you'll probably be very thankful for a drink but you probably won't be able to sit up properly for a while so straws allow you to drink more easily whilst lying down AND cuddling your baby! final tip – take a small Tupperware box with a lid. Get some cotton wool pads (rather than a roll). Once on the ward you can put some water in the box and put the cotton wool in and you have ready made wipes for nappy changes without having to collect fresh water each time!I've only just started to read your blog, bUt I'm already excited for you! ut good luck!

  2. Argh.. I should do this too but so lazy. Yes, you can never under estimate what you will or will not use. I remember first time we had idock cause I wanted calming music playing in the delivery suite but birth was all over in 25mins. Good call on the snacks, magazines or a book to read when you can't sleep but baby is. Also don't forget a recharged camera to take all the unflattering photos of you and precious moments of your new baby.

  3. I have put some music on my i-phone but we don't have a docking station, I might just stick to the radio in the theatre. Camera is all packed and ready for those lovely shots. My Father in Law is a photographer so I can't wait for his pro camera to pick up every flaw 🙂

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