39 Weeks

 Well we have reached the week of the C-Section. We have been so busy making sure everything is on order for when we arrive home. I have tested out the steriliser and shown Mr.C how to use it, attempted to set up the monitor, this will be his job when I am in hospital, although not such a big deal as Baby will be in with us for the first while. I did get the Sound and Movement AngelCare monitor, so I would like the movement part setup for my own peace of mind and of course to save me prodding the baby every 2 mins.

Weight Gain: Total weight gain in 2stone 4lbs

Bump is measuring 45 inches, no change since last week 

Symptoms: No sleep, general aches and pains and acid reflux has been a b*tch this week. I am also looking forward to my feet returning to normal size!! I will share a picture with you once they have returned to a non hideous size. 
Stretch marks: No change from last week, I think I have been pretty lucky compared to some on this front. I have a few on my hips and about 4 on the underside of my tummy, which to be fair aren’t that noticeable so I am sure overtime once I get my toned abs back (haha, back???) they will be unnoticeable. 

Movement: Still lots, I keep wondering if he is changing from breech to transverse, as I keep feeling my tummy go really hard like he is laying across, but I am hoping they are just braxton hicks! I think transverse babies are a bit harder to get out during a c-section. 
Belly button: Outie

Cravings: Nudda!
Wedding ring: As before, my wedding ring is residing on my little finger
Labour Symptoms: Braxton Hicks and period type cramps, but doesn’t look as though baby will show before out date! 

Best moments: Knowing I won’t be reaching 40 weeks (or more) And keeping out date a secret, I have managed to keep another secret.. that is a miracle in itself.
Worst moment: General worries about C-Section. 

Looking forward to: Completing our family.


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