Baby Albie is three weeks old today

So today little Albie is three weeks, I cannot believe how quickly this time has gone (Maybe because days and nights all blur into one at the moment)


Becoming parents has been life changing, we could never imagine life without our little boy now. We are truly blessed. Albie is such a good baby (hopefully not speaking too soon!) He loves sleeping, eating and listening to music. He is slowly getting the the difference between day and night, we have good nights where he wakes up once for a feed and wakes for the day between 6am-7am (I can’t believe I am happy to get up at these times!!) Some nights aren’t so great and once he is awake, be it at 4.30am, he is awake and won’t get back to sleep, he doesn’t cry, he isn’t hungry just awake, active and vocal in his Moses Basket. On these days I do try and get some sleep during the day when he sleeps, but it’s hard, I have never liked taking naps and always end of feeling worse after, however I know my body needs it’s sleep.

I absolutely love it being a Mummy!! I love having a routine, I love having things to do all day. I hate that at the moment everything I need to do takes twice as long, but I’m sure once I’m fully recovered they will all be done in no time. We loved having Mr C home for 2 and a half weeks but work calls so he went back on Monday, although we miss him lots, it’s nice to be able to get my daily routine in place, I will have to get used to not having my chauffeur about- fingers crossed I’ll be back behind the wheel soon. I think being pretty housebound has been one of the biggest adjustments for me, so I am very keen to start driving again.

Albie is currently battling his first snotty nose, so his feeds are taking a bit longer, it’s sad that there isn’t much I can do to help him but hopefully it will pass soon. It’s pretty scary hearing the snot at the back of his throat during the night! Mr C has decided to set the monitors up this evening, we were bought the Angelcare Movement and Sound, so this will give us some reassurance, I’ll do a review on it shortly.

Our little boy has changed so much since he was born, he is gaining weight well and becoming a lot more aware of his surroundings. Who does he look like?? Everyone seems to think me, especially when he was first born however I see his Daddy more and more in him everyday, especially his grumpy face. I love picking out little things that I see in him that we have, Albies second toe is longer than his big toe, just like Mr C’s (weird!) He can stretch and space out his toes, no matter how hard I try I can’t do this, but Mr C does it all the time (gross) He has a very round chin and chubby little cheeks, just like myself as a baby. The one thing he has that neither of us do is long legs, we are both shorties, but Albie has these lovely long legs, when he stretches out of his breech position that is. The Clarke side of the family are pretty tall, but it seemed to skip my Husband, so maybe Albie will be like his Grandads and tower over us both by age 13.

We have been inundated with visits and totally overwhelmed by people’s love and best wishes for our family, Albie has been totally spoilt by all our friends and family!

We have also had all of our post natal scheduled appointments, Albies heel prick test came back all clear (he didnt even flinch.) His hearing was all normal and his growth right on the ‘red book line’ So as Mary Poppins would say ‘ he is practically perfect in every way’ just the night times to tackle now!

Daddy and Albie
Mummy and Albie
Albie and his Cousin Keira

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