Hair today, gone tomorrow !

I have found that since having Albie I worry more about how I look than before I was pregnant, is that just me? I have only not put make up on once in the last three weeks and that was after a sleepiness night! It only takes me 5 mins to do my face but it makes me feel so much better, I think it’s important to have that connection with your pre-mummy self. Obviously clothes are a pain at the moment, trying to find outfits that flatter my new shape isn’t always easy! 

I know my body is a work in progress and I’m not putting any pressure on myself to lose weight until I can start exercising again! Clothing will come hand in hand with this, so the next dilemma is my hair! I have had so many different cuts over the years and it has come to that time again when I want a change!! But what do I go for?
Red head??
Dark bob and fringe??

Long and blonde ??


Should I get the chop?? I’ve always wanted to rock a crop but never been brave enough!
I love these two cuts


As you know I have a bob at the moment and I know that these styles wouldn’t take long to get back into a bob if u didn’t like them.

What do you think ?? Should I do it??

4 thoughts on “Hair today, gone tomorrow !

  1. I thought at first, oh no you have lovely hair, but i also know what you mean but it's difficult to describe. I had my hair re-styled after Emma was born. To me, i think it was a bit of "well i've achieved all this, but i'm still me. It doesn't mean i have to look old etc. I still wanted to prove that i could still look good if i want to (well it was a while ago)!! Kind of feelimg proud, so to speak. Well, that has turned into one long ramble but you know what it is in your head. I think, go for it. I think the first cut would suit you personally. You'll feel more carefree and if you want to grow it again, it won't take long. Phew!! Hope i haven't sent you to sleep!!xxPam xx

  2. When I started to read this I thought "nooooo you're hair is lovely!" I've always liked your blonde bob since I first saw it on your blog. But now I've seen the red head pics, I think the red really suits you and makes your eyes look gorge! To be fair, all the pics look fab! But I vote red!

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