Organic Babies- Hello Baby from Green People

babies & children logoLike most newborns Albie has suffered from dry skin particularly on his hands, feet and his little belly. I know it was nothing to worry about, just his body getting used to all the elements on his skin. I do use non bio washing liquid gel however I also use fabric conditioner, I am a strong believer that if you wrap a little one in cotton wool their little immune systems won’t be able to build up any tolerance. Obviously if I thought using perfumed products were causing dry skin or rashes etc then I would try and find the cause and discontinue use.

Like most new mummies I was initially using Johnson’s baby range during bath time and I am sure this would be fine when Albie is a little older, everyone loves the smell of a Johnson’s baby right? When I noticed Albies peeling skin I switched to using the Organic Babies Range that the kind people at the Green People had sent me.

The packaging is lovely, you can order in pink, blue or neutral. Until I used the products I kept the box on display on Albies Changing Station.

The gift set contains 3 products

 b9Baby Wash and Shampoo – this has a lovely lavender scent. I love smelling Albie after his bath and everyone comments on how lovely he smells. I haven’t used this is as a shampoo as Albie doesn’t quite have enough hair yet! I just add a couple of drops to his bath or his top n tail bowl in the mornings, you really only need a couple of drops, or prepare for a bubble overload!
Soothing Baby Salve– this is also lavender scented and perfect for sore bums, Albie hasn’t really suffered from this yet but I have been putting in on anyway so maybe this has kept any rashes at bay. The salve is also great for dry and irritated skin so I’ve been using small amounts on any problem areas.
Dry skin baby lotion– another product aimed towards dry skin. This one is unscented, It is rich in Omega-3&6 fatty acids to help sooth skin. I have used this on his body as the salve can be a little greasy if I’m putting Albies clothes on him.
These products have been great and I really recommend them. They have helped the dryness of Albies skin and it’s pretty much back to being as smooth as a babies bum! I am going to continue using these products as they smell lovely and obviously work.They are suitable for vegetarians but due to the bees wax content they aren’t suitable for vegans. Hello Baby is made without SLS, SLES, parabens,alcohol(ethyl alcohol/ethanol) artificial fragrances, petrochemicals, methylisothiazolinone, methylchloroisothiazolinone, lanolin, harsh foaming agents and artificial colourants so if you are looking for a kinder alternative for your little ones skin, then take a peak at the organic baby range here ;

One thought on “Organic Babies- Hello Baby from Green People

  1. This is a brand I would definitely be interested in once our baby girl arrives. I've been usuing mainly narural products on myself throughout pregnancy and I've been looking at narural brands to use on the baby. X

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