John Lewis Haul

b1It really frustrates me how every shop has a huge girls section but only stocks half of that for baby boys! Boys like to look good too (well their Mummies want them to!) I decided to branch out from my usual stores such as Zara and Next and Debenhams and take a look at John Lewis as I have heard really great things about the quality of their clothing. Uhhh Ohh, I sort of wish I hadn’t discovered the baby boy range, it is amaze. I literally had a full basket but had to go back through and remove a lot of it, Mr C would not have been happy with ten deliveries showing up! Here the items I decided to keep.

 1.  Baby Animal and Trees All in One with Hat

 b2How cute is this little All in One, I absolutely love the design with the little dog, the duck, trees and kite. I bought this is 0-3 months as I want Albie to be able to wear it really soon, I don’t think it’s going to be too long with his long legs! It cost £14, which isn’t cheap for one baby grow, but I think its worth it!

2. Car Pie Crust Jumper

b4I ordered this in 3-6 months so it won’t fit Albs till around christmas which is the perfect time for a knitted jumper. I think the design on this is so cute and it feels so soft. I really like the high ‘pie crust neck’ too. This is priced at £16.

3. Puppy Sweatshirt

b5This little jumper is gorge.The embroidery on the puppy is lovely, just look at the detailing on the ears. It’s 100% cotton so very soft for babies skin. All for the bargain price of £10.

4. Dog Jumper

b7This jumper was a little more expensive, £16, however it feels really luxurious, as it has a cashmere mix. I purchased this is 0-3 months as I think it will look will suit Albie as soon as he can fit in it.

5. Stripe trail All in One

b8I’m’m not usually a fan of Velour I think it looks a bit sweaty for baby, however I fell in love with the design of this all in one. The colour is a pastel green, the animals are all delicately embroidered, complete with ’3d’ horse legs. I can’t wait for Albie to try this on.

Having looked at my purchases, I noticed a slight obsession with puppies!! Maybe I need some more new purchases to add some diversity to his wardrobe??

 I do love the above purchases but I know you can pick up some equally cute outfits from cheaper places such as H&M and the supermarket ranges, so I am going to do a post on some purchases from them soon. It’s nice to spend a bit of money on things sometimes but as our little ones grow so quickly it’s good that there is so much choice for all budgets, at least with the cheaper clothes you aren’t’t praying for them to slow down with their growth!!

 What are your favourite shops for your little ones?


2 thoughts on “John Lewis Haul

  1. very cute!! so true about no enough boys range across many brands. oh no why did you tell me about this online store.for good priced everyday pieces i shop on cotton on kids, aussie retailer. country road kids section is along the same style as zara. uk sites i too love next and M&S their outlet site is great for little boys

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