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My favourite thing to do during the 2am night feed is to login to Pinterest. If you aren’t already signed up then get yourself over there! You are missing out on a world of inspiration! Pinterest is a pin board photo sharing site, it’s perfect for fashion, decor and life inspiration. 

I have only really just started using it so I only have two boards at the moment, these are baby boy fashion and baby photography, we are redesigning our bathroom during Christmas so I will deffo be looking for some ideas soon.

The baby boy fashion is soooo friggin cute! Although the USA are certainly miles ahead of us with baby fashion, I can’t find any uk supplies of baby leggings like those below!! I’ve actually ordered some fabric today so I’m going to give making them a try, so watch this space!

I love the baby photography ideas! I’m still trying to get to grips with my new camera but I am totally going to give some of the shots a go! 


You can also follow others boards, which is great for present ideas for anyone moving into a new home or having a baby shower or recently had a baby. 

I would really recommend taking a look on Pinterest for ANYTHING, party ideas, gift ideas, DIY, crafts, fashion, beauty, you  will find inspiration for everything!!
I would love to follow you on Pinterest, please let me know your usernames!!

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