Dr Brown bottles

Thank goodness Albie hasn’t suffered from colic or relfux, hopefully this will continue, i had bad reflux in pregnancy so I know how painful it can be and I wouldn’t like to see my little man suffering. He does however take forever to finish a bottle so I thought these might help the long night feeds. For those that are unaware Dr Brown bottles are the only fully vented vacuum free feeding bottle, designed to help reduce colic for a much more comfortable feed.
The bottle system has three parts, the bottle, the vent and the teat. It’s simple to assemble, and takes only a couple of extra seconds to clean, a special brush is supplied to clean the vent system.
– really helps Albie bring his wind up, the burps are huge!
– claims to reduce colic. Like I said Albie hasn’t suffered from this so I can’t comment however the friend who recommended the bottles to me swears they helped her little one with his colic.
– fits into the popular tommee tippee Sterilser.
– a good shape for taking out with you, I find the tommee tippee bottles a bit too wide, so these are fab for out and about.
– didn’t really help Albie take his milk any faster, I actually think it maybe have slowed him down, this may be very helpful for babies suffering from trapped wind.
– the markings are very difficult to see, so filling up and checking levels during a night feed is somewhat annoying.
– there is no way of keeping all the parts sterile, although putting the bottles together is easy there is no way of doing so without touching the parts, they can also be a bit fiddily when holding a baby and trying to put formula in during the night.
Overall I really recommend these bottles, more so for babies with trapped wind, colic of reflux.

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