Tommee Tippee Steriliser Review

sterBefore Albie was born we decided we were going to use Tommee Tippee bottles, most of our friends that have babies have used this brand and have never had any problems. We bought the Closer to Nature complete starter set, it has everything you will need and more to start feeding your little one. The price is really reasonable, amazon are currently selling this for £67.94, Mothercares price is £70, they do price match though so f you want it ASAP you could still save a couple of quid. Every little helps and all that!

What do you get?
– Electric Steriliser
– Travel Sterilser
– Electric bottle and food warmer
– 3 x 150ml bottles with slow flow teats
– 4 x 260ml bottles with slow flow teats
– 2 x medium flow teats for 3months plus
– 2 x fast flow teats for 6months plus
– 4 x milk storage lids
– 6 x milk dispenser containers
– 2 x insulated bottle bags
– Bottle and Teat brush
You see what I mean when I said it contains everything for you to feed your newborn. I think it’s great that they provide the next set of teats too, as you can make sure your little one is ok on them before spending unnecessary money before you may need to.
How does it work? 
The steriliser is so easy to use. You are recommended to run it empty before first use. All you need to do is add 80ml of water – which is marked on all the bottles by a dotted line, add you bottles, teats and lids, press start and Tada about 5 minutes later they are all sterile. I wouldn’t get them out straight away though they’ll be pretty hot. It’s advised to fill the bottles with cooled boiled water, adding boiling water can cause shrinkage. I have had to do this a couple of times though and have had no issues. I haven’t needed to use the travel steriliser yet but the instructions are every clear. The bottle warmer is just as easy to use, pop your bottle in, add water and turn on. I have only used this when giving Albie ready made formula that’s been stored in the fridge as he has his bottles at room temperature. The only thing I would like on the bottle warmer is a timer to stop you over heating the bottle then having to cool it down!
– quick and easy
– nice design
– everything you need is included
– can fit other bottles (we have bought a couple of dr browns and they fit perfectly)
– keeps bottles sterile for 24 hours
Have a read of this lovely ladys review of the travel Sterilser here;
Do you use tommee tippee products? What do you think?

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