Photo post

nikonI’m sure all my Facebook and Instagram followers are getting fed up of all my Albies pics so I thought I would bother you lovely people instead.

As you know my lovely hubby bought me a new camera for my Birthday, a Nikon D3200 and I love it!!! I use it everyday, I am a little too snap happy! All I have to do now is work out what is beyond the automatic setting! I am planning on going on a course to enable me to use the camera to its full potential, my lovely father in law is a professional photographer and has tried to explain some things to me so that’s really helped too! 
Here are some of my first photos, hopefully they will improve.
                                                I took these using the 10 second delay, I’m going to purchase the remote for the camera soon.
It’s pretty hard to take a bad pic when the subject is this cute !!!
Oh and as you can see I went for the chop, not loving it myself but I’m slowly getting more used to it everyday and finding new ways to wear it!
I also took my camera along to my gorgeous friends baby shower: Lucie from Lucie and the bump – check out her all the pics over on her blog: 

Isn’t Lucie just the cutest pregnant lady ever!!!

What do you think of my photography (skills?) so far ?

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