What Albie wore!

I love love getting my little pal dressed everyday, picking out his outfits is so much fun! I thought I would share some of my favourite outfits that Albie has modelled in his first 6 weeks.
This is one of Albies first outfits (eeek can’t believe he was this tiny only 6 weeks ago) I love this outfit, it’s so cute! I bought this from mothercare, it’s party of the little bird range by jools oliver, it comes with a little hat and a matching cotton bag to keep them all together. His little bunny is from the white company, it’s so soft, he loves it. 

This little baby grow is jasper conran from debenhams, I hadn’t even thought of looking in there for clothes but the cutest outfits and they are reasonably priced. Isn’t the little vintage racing car just the sweetest thing. Annoying the buttons on this are at the back, so can be tricky to dress tiny babies but it’s so worth it. 

This was a pressie from Albies Auntie Chelsea. It’s from the Myleene Class range at Mothercare. I absolutely love stripes on Albie. I think he really suits them.

This has to be one of my favourites that Albie had worn. It’s a gorgeous cowboy print from Cath Kidston. Mr C bought this in size 0-3months, but disappointedly Albie has only worn it twice and it’s too small!! I didn’t wash too well unfortunately. This is certainly in the keep pile of clothes!

Another outfit that makes my heart melt, from mothercare little bird by Jools Oliver. I want to squeeze him so much when he has these pjs on! He will soon grow out if these as his legs are pretty long, I will be getting everyone out of them by pulling his socks up to his knees if need be!!

My little owl !! This was a gift from my cousin! Isn’t it scrummy!! It does have a matching hat however my little boy had such a big brain his head is too big!! You can get this from H&M.

Albie is with his Auntie Chelsea and one of his cousins Keira. He is wearing an amazing little romper from the little white company. This was originally one of Albies baby friends, well one of my friends little boys (but they will be friends even by force) it was just too gorgeous to

Put away so I am so glad we have if as Albie looks so precious in it!!

Ahhhh his first big boy outfit. He’s growing up way too fast! His jumper is John Lewis, it’s so soft and totally worth the extra bit of money ( right hubby?) the little top underneath is a little blue collared long sleeve vest from next. He wore this with some dark blue joggers from Tesco, I don’t want to put him in trousers or jeans just yet, I don’t think little babies look comfy in them.
Grey day. His stripey Tshirt is from the little white company, joggers are another tesco special, the cardi is from Mothercare, you can see but the good is pointed and looks too cute when it’s up, he looks like a little elf. His socks were a pressie from our friends, his first pair of converse!! First of many much to daddy’s dismay.
Another outfit similar to above, Tshirt is tesco, as are the joggers. The top won’t be worn again as the sleeves were too short but he at least had to wear his grandad collar top once.
So there you have it. Albies first few outfits. I can’t believe how much he has changed since the first photo. Gosh, it makes me scared how quickly this time has gone.!!
He could totally be the next top baby model. Mason Disick you are going to have some stiff competition for best dressed kid!

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