By Carla Sleeping Bag

sleeping bagAs the cold weather started to set it we decided that Albie should come out of his 1 tog summer sleeping bag and move into a nice snug 2.5 winter one. I started to look around but it was proving difficult to find one with removable sleeves, purely by chance I was contacted by the lovely people at By Carla who offered to send me a sleeping bag for Albie.


When the sleeping bag arrived I was so pleased with it, we were sent the ‘Little Stars bag’  the thickness is just perfect, I have felt a couple of sleeping bags at Mothercare that are rated as 2.5 tog and they didn’t feel much thicker than our summer one, we sleep in a 13.5 tog duvet so I wanted to make sure Albie was nice and warm at night. I was also pleasantly surprised to find removable sleeves, that can be attached via poppers. Albie always wakes up with cold hands, I know this is all to do with babies circulation but they are like little icicles in the morning, so this sleeping bag sees to that problem with having little mittens that can be pulled over their little feelers.

Albie is so comfortable in his sleeping bag, I also really like putting him in one, I think they are much safer than blankets, there is no worry about blankets covering babies face so the feet to bottom rule isn’t as important, and overheating is a much lesser concern. I really like the look of the zip in the middle, however I do prefer them to be at the side for practical reasons.


Overall we love our sleeping bag, not only does it look great, feel great and give peace of mind, it also really helps Albie know bed time is coming as soon as we zip him up for the night. You can purchase a By Carla sleeping bag at MotherCare.



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