Sleek Brow Kit V Benefit Brow


My daily makeup routine is very quick and simple, primer, concealer, foundation, bronzer, blush, mascara and eyebrows. My whole routine on a normal day takes about 10 minutes, half of this time is taken up shaping my eyebrows. I really think that a good eyebrow shape really helps to bring a whole look together.

Every 6 weeks I get my eyebrows waxed and tinted, however after a week or so the tint fades and so I lose a bit of shape. I have always relied on Benefit Brow Zings to do the job however with the Maternity package not stretching quite as far as I would like I wanted to put Sleeks Brow Kit to the test. I have heard great things about it, lets see how it lives up to its much pricier competitor. Today my left eyebrow was shaped and filled in using Sleek and the right with brow zings 

                                                                 Benefit Brow Zings                                                                           


Sleek Brow Kit

ImageBoth sets comes with a wax that is applied with the hard angle brush, the setting powder applied with the blending brush and a small pair of tweezers.








Right -Brow Zing 



Left- Sleek


Both were very similar to apply, although in my opinion Sleek may have just pipped Benefit to the post here, as I found the wax went on a tiny bit smoother. There is no noticeable difference in the brushes. 

It really is tough to make a comparison on which item achieved the best look as I really can’t tell much difference at all!! Which I think is fab considering the difference in price.

The only thing I found during the day was the the Benefit product did smudge slightly more than the Sleek. I applied these products at 9am and took the below shots at 6.30pm.



Brow Zings





The pictures have a slightly different light to them so it’s hard to compare these two eyebrows, however I can honestly tell you I noticed no different at all in how well each lasted. If the labels were taken off these items there is no way I would be able to tell you which was the more expensive item, even as an avid user of Benefits Brow Zings. I have well and truly been converted to Sleeks Brow Kit and will certainly be saying Au revoir to Brow Zings. 

I will be making a huge saving too! Brow zings comes in at a not so purse happy price of £23.50, whereas my bank balance is much happier with Sleeks price of £8.49. You can purchase sleek online here: or from Superdrug! 

Incase you are wondering all items for this post were bought by me ! 

Have you used anything else in the Sleek makeup range, if so what did you think?





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