Dear Albie…. Three months

DSC_0507Wow little man, I can’t believe that you are three months old already, it has been the most amazing three months ever. The love mummy and daddy have for you can not be put into words. You have become my best friend, we spend everyday together and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

You have changed so much in the last month, you are learning new things everyday. You never stop smiling, your best time is when mummy or daddy come and get you in the morning, your little face lights up, it’s adorable!!

You aren’t a big milk drinker, you take 7oz bottles, but very rarely drink it all and it’s not easy getting it in to you, you do like to mess mummy and daddy around, you tend to take 5oz and then want to finish an hour or so later. Monkey!!

Sleep wise you were doing amazingly from 9 weeks you were having your bath, bottle and then bed usually all by 8pm, we then wouldn’t hear from you again until around 7am. Amazing little boy, however for the last couple of days you have decided to cut your lunch time nap short and take another one in the evening, so when it comes to bed you aren’t settling unless on mummy, you have also woken up around 4am and can’t settle yourself so mummy has given you a bottle and you go back off. 12 weeks is the time for a big growth spurt so I’m hoping this will pass. Having said all that, you took a long afternoon nap today and woke up at 3.30pm, meaning you went straight to sleep. It’s great that you sleep through most nights it did take some work but we will talk about that another time.

At your last weigh in you were 11 weeks and weighed 12 15oz! You are a smidgen below the ‘average line’ but it’s completely normal. Especially if you are going to be small like Daddy!

You are such a funny little baby, you are so like Daddy, the only time you stop moving is when you sleep, otherwise your arms are flailing about, your legs are kicking, even you fingers are moving. Just like Daddy, the moment you stop you sleep. Poor me when you start to crawl and walk!!

You laugh now too! You haven’t quite got the ‘baby giggle’ down yet but you have a very cute little laugh that you are really trying hard to get heard.

Development says you should be able to hold your head, you can for a little while although you do nod a lot when doing it. You coo and gurgle to us, as long as you are in a good mood. You recognise your Mummy and Daddy’s face instantly, if anyone else is holding you you are fine, but you do like to have a look around and make sure we are there. You can’t push yourself up on your arms yet, to be honest you haven’t even tried, I have caught you trying to turn on to your side a couple of times but you aren’t quite there yet. Mummy is going to make a special effort to make sure you get more tummy time to help you conquer these. You do bat your toys that hang off your play mat, you get very excited by this!

You favourite things to do include listening to music and watching your mobile go around, it’s great for mummy as I get to have a shower knowing you are happy in your cot. You love all music, mummy just pops her iPod next to you and the legs and arms start going.

You have started teething, you aren’t too bad with it yet though and sometimes just want a finger to chew on, or your whole fist!

You really look like Daddy now, especially when he was a baby about your age. He is very happy that you are so alike! He loves to come home and have a play with you, he also goes into your room every morning for a kiss before work (you wake up very soon after this, I’m sure he gives you a little hug so you get to see him)

We can’t wait to watch you continue to grow!

We love you






Pics from today – 12 weeks old


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