What Albie Wore

DSC_0524Now Albie is three months I thought I would share some of his recent outfits with you. He is in all his 3-6 month clothes now!! A couple of these are 0-3 but he won’t be able to wear those again. I have only mentioned the tops in this post as all his trousers are from next or tesco as I think they do the best joggers for boys, we do have some jeans for him but they are too big still!!

(Click to see larger images)

1. This is not only one of my favourite tops but one of my favourite pictures, Albie just looks so perfect (Obviously he is 🙂 ) This outfit is actually 2 tops, a long sleeved one and the t-shirt over the top, I think its a little chilly for just a vest and t-shirt at the moment. Both tops are from next! The long sleeve comes in a pack of 4, the colour shown, maroon, green striped and yellow striped. I love the little racing cars on the t-shirt, so perfect for a little boy!

2. One of my all time favourite buys, Albie pretty much wears this hat everytime we go out, he hates having his hands tucked into a blanket so I make sure his head is nice and warm. We have just received a gorgeous hand knitted bobble hat with matching mittens so he will be debuting those tomorrow on our day out!

3. The long sleeve top is one from the pack of four at next, the Beatles t-shirt is also from Next, Its so cool, such a little rock baby! Suits him perfectly as he loves his music. I really like that this has the Beatles on it, during my FitMama exercise classes we would always have our relaxing time to the Beatles – Let it be Instrumental version and Albie would kick like mad, so whenever I hear that song I always think of him in my tummy!

4. This little grey ombre jumper was from Matalan, it’s totally something that Mr C would wear ! Sorry Hubbles but Albie wears it better.

5. Awwww. Such a cute little jumper from Baby Gap. This is actually 0-3 but quite a good size so we should get a couple more wears out of it. Mustache prints are so popular at the moment, they remind me of my friend Lucie over at Lucie and the Bump, her little man Harry totally needs to rock one of these!

6. Again another Next duo, long sleeve top from pack of four and little Dude t-shirt over the top. I think he looks like a proper little dude!!

7. John Lewis Sleep suit. This is 0-3 months so Albie can’t wear it anymore, but it’s been great for night time as its nice and thick so perfect for this cold winter weather!

8. This jumper was a gift from my Baby Shower! Its from the Little White Company, they do the cutest little boys clothes, it’s a shame babies grow so quick, but when Albies growth does slow down a little bit I will certainly be getting more bits from here.

9. This little Pj all in one is also from the Little White Company and was another gift, this was from the same Lucie mentioned above.  Although LWC may be a little heavy on price, the quality just speaks for itself, so soft.

10. Lastly this little sleep suit is from the Little Bird range by Jools Oliver at Mothercare, I love the delicate colours but also secretly like that when he wears this to bed he matches his bedroom decor. Yes I am that crazy!!

So those are some of the outfits Albie has been rocking these last few weeks, I am hoping for some variety in trousers for the next post but skinny jeans really aren’t working on Albies little legs at the moment!! I really really want some patterned leggings like those below, however I can’t find any suppliers in the UK and it’s really annoying me.. If anyone knows where I can get some I will love you forever!!




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