Babies and colds!


If you read my last post about our christmas you will know that Albie has been really poorly, it’s so horrid when your little one is sick and there’s not much you can do! Having said that I thought I would let you know a few things that have helped me to help Albie!

I am reluctant to give Albie too much medicine, I’m not keen on relying on it, having said that he has had a slight temperature so baby calpol and baby nurofen helps to bring it down to a normal level. I prefer using nurofen mainly because it came with a syringe to administer the medicine (even if the first lot did end up on the ceiling, took hubbles 3 days to notice oops) Albie seems to like the taste too!

He was still sleeping really well but all concepts of a bed time had gone out of the window, whilst he was ill he can sleep when he wants during the day, if he decided take an hour sleep at his usual bath time then I just let him be, really think he needed it. We would then do bath, bottle, bed routine as normal just an hour or so later, he is still sleeping through 12 hours a night, it’s quite nice him going a bit later as he wasn’t waking till 9am. If your little one is ill I would suggest sticking to your normal routine but lose any time scheduling and go with baby. He is now just getting over his cold so we will start getting him up at a more reasonable half 7am to allow him to get back to a 7.30pm bed time.

Feeding really dropped, a couple of days he was only take 2oz every 4 hours, poor little guy just had no appetite. He is now up to 5oz every 4hours – his usual is 7oz, so although not fully recovered he is getting there. I did take him to the dr as I was worried he wasn’t getting enough, but just like us adults when we are sick we don’t want to eat and babies are the same, as long as they take something then do not worry, their appetite will come back. I was told not to give him water as it could put him off his bottle so I didn’t offer any to him unless he was having a real bad coughing fit and I knew he had a bit of yukkiness stuck in his throat.

A few more tips that might help you little ones during a cold;

Use an aspirator (or snot sucker 😉 ) it really helped me clear Albies nose especially in the mornings.

Buy some saline spray – we have the calpol one. I use this first then the sucker. I did read that milk is really effective in clearing a blocked nose so I tried a couple of drops up Albies nose and amazingly it worked!! Breast milk is supposed to be even better.

Let little one sleep upright, we have a swing that Albie would fall asleep in, it wasn’t until he was in a deep sleep that I put him in his cot. I also put his cot on a slant to help his stuffy nose. It really helps to leave damp towel over the radiator to act as a humidifier.

Snuffle rub (baby vicks) has so helped with his blocked nose, this can be applied I chest and throat, I also tried the old wives tale of the bottom of the feet under socks. I applied some of this to a muslin cloth and tied it on a bar on Albies cot.

We are now on day 5 of his cold so I’m hoping a couple more and we are over it. I can not praise him enough, he had handled it so well- so much for man flu ay? He is still his normal happy self 80% of the time. What a good little boy we have! The only thing we have to do now is start our routine all over again!!


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