Our first Christmas

DSC_05432013, the year Mr C and I received the best present ever, our adorable, cheeky, happy little baby boy. He really is the best present we could have ever wished for! This year Christmas for me was completely different, for the first time ever I didn’t see any of my side of the family on Christmas Day, I didn’t experience the hectic chaos that comes with a full house, I did miss seeing all my nieces open their presents, however we did have a little Christmas Eve get together at the house in the middle of us all- Nan and Grandads. I was able to open my pressies from my family and give mine to them. As you can see below, there is no order to opening pressies in our family!!

So as I wasn’t going to Mums for Christmas dinner it was down to me to cook my first Christmas dinner for 5, Mr.C, my father in law, brother in law and eldest niece, of course little Albie is a bit young for anything at the moment. I can honestly say I surprised myself!! I did prepare most things the day before, I made Jamie Oliver’s gravy and stuffing, parboiled my roasties and fluffed them, chopped my carrots and parsnips, all ready for roasting on the day. I also made Tom Kerridge glazed carrots which were amazing and pigs in blankets of course!! For starters we have lobster cocktail, and for pudding I made Lemon Posset and shortbread. I can’t believe I managed to make everything from scratch and serve it on time and we are all still alive!!! I’m told it was very good! Hopefully they aren’t trying to protect my feelings hehe! It was hard going though, thank god it’s over for another year.

Poor little Albie didn’t have too much if a good time, he has been very poorly with a cold and a cough. He wasn’t really in the mood to play or have any pictures taken! The one below is his outfit he wore on the day (until he threw up all over both of us, whilst having a coughing fit) He has been so good even though he is so poorly, he is never any trouble at all!

Boxing Day we were over my sister in laws, we usually venture to my father in laws but as he was in our town for the night we went there. Brother in law cooked a yummy roast, and my father in law did his amazing prawns and oysters, I have to say I think my father in law is the best chef I know especially fish dishes, I always look forward to our dinners with him!!

The period between Boxing Day and New Year’s Day is spent with my family, every year we congregate to my Grandparents and play cards and eat yummy fattening food and Nanny’s famous trifle! I think this has been part of our family holiday period for over 40 years, with my mum, aunt and uncle of course.

Albie has been so spoilt by everyone, he is so lucky to have such wonderful family and friends. We actually didn’t buy him that much ourselves, only a few toys and books. You can see him surrounded by those below.

This Christmas has been fantastic, it really makes you realise that the best things in life are free (and usually baby shaped 🙂 )

I hope you all had a lovely christmas and I wish you all a happy new year!!

Mmmmm…. now for a list of resolutions that will be forgotten about as soon as we get to the 2nd of Jan!


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