Mama Mio Boob Tube

20140103-100259.jpgAfter having Albie my poor boobies were very deflated! They same position, the same size just very squeeshy! I was not surprised about this, they did get to an incredibly uncomfortable size so the feeling of a half empty balloon was to be expected I guess!

I decided to try Mama Mio’s Boob Tube, having read a lot of good things about it! Ok, so it’s not that cheap (£29.50) especially if you don’t know the effects. Boob Tube is described As being ‘designed to help avoid the classic lifecycle of every boob – gorgeous young boob (perky), fast forward a million bounces to a slightly older boob (saggy). You want firm and pert, right? But it is not just about sag; it is about the quality and tone of your skin across your neck and chest‘ Who doesn’t want young boobs, lets face it – gravity is not our friend ladies! I always think a ladies age can be given away by the skin on her neck and décolletage so this cream promises to help hide those giveaways.

I have been using Boob Tube for over a month now and I love it! It has made such a difference, my little ladies feel like their old selfs again. I noticed a different only after a few days, it really does tighten and firm. They feel much fuller!

Boob tube comes in pump dispenser, I originally used a pump for each boob but now I use one pump for both which I find is plenty! It seems to lay quite well. The smell is fab and the feel is non greasy.

      20140103-100359.jpg         20140103-100456.jpg

The only bad thing is the huge range of other Mama Mio products I now want to buy. Has anyone tried anything else that can be recommended!


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